A Day in the Hospital – Part Two

A Day in the Hospital - Part Two
A Section of Wall Mural by Sam Flores

I cross from
12 to 12:30
down to L.A.
to the flatlands

eternal youth


a snicker.

I am a file pulled as

a case

and these four walls

merge in a night of


lost in smoke…


Who is at rest?

My Mother tapped

my skull

and my brain

spilt out

dendrites to

the nearest


wrenched from skin:


RG (c) 2015


A Day in the Hospital Part 1


19 thoughts on “A Day in the Hospital – Part Two

    1. When I saw the work I had to take photographs of it. It’s fine art and it evoked the feelings I had when I wrote the poem. Thank you for commenting on the post. I watched a short documentary the other night and thought of you:

      Be well my friend. I look forward to another year of reading your blog.

      It looks as if thiss nation’s babrbaric use of its prison system is getting a little more attention.

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      1. That’s a great video. I have read other things that San Antonio does that is far ahead of other cities. If more police officers were like this it would make a big difference. What did our government think would happen when mental health places were shut down? These people end up getting charged and sent to prison. They can’t exist in the general population so they end up in solitary “For their own protection” The solitude and lack of care and the right meds means many of them die. I talk about this in the chapter I wrote for my book that I just posted, “Everyday Dreams”. Even people, who may have only suffered with depression but were functional – enough time in prison pushes them over the edge. Once they are in prison no one cares anymore. Who cares if they die? There is some else to take their place. A large percentage of people in prison suffer from a mental illness.

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      2. If a system of justice was designed by a community of sadistic pathological narcissists it would look like ours.

        We break people. Then we punish them for being broken. Then we use
        a kind of economic apartheid to slowly kill them.

        We use the poor and disabled as dumping grounds for the chemicals that the rich will no longer accept in their food supply.

        How can we in the States think that we have anything to say about justice to other nations when we brutalize
        our own people.

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      3. It’s the people, too, who support the ignorance of thinking it’s okay to invade other countries and take what we want – for their own good and then say this is a Christian nation and not see their own hypocrisy. I turned that video into a post. It was good to have something positive to say. There is so little done that is positive. In the past i have read such horrible things that were done to people in prison by guards that got some perverse kick out of watching people die in front of them and then pretend to do CPR when it was too late.

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      4. This is a dark period. Those of us who can see that and are not vulnerable to the emotional manipulations of the ruling elite must persist in doing every thing we can to counter it. Your work is life affirming.

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      5. Ok..I’m not getting anything. I have an idea. Why don’t you write it to me as a comment. I have to approve comments so it’s really not very different from sending an email…I don’t know why you’re email isn’t coming through to me…


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      6. OK…I’ll look for it–I have a full day tomorrow–won’t be home until 3 and then working on a project at 6–but I’ll do my best to check in….


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