Oh Yes I Did!

Tammy Mezera has published a new book of poetry.

Tammy Mezera


Family and friends have been forever trying to get me to publish (because they love me) and so I now proudly introduce All In Unison, my first poetry collection available for purchase at CreateSpace. Some poems will be back on this site to showcase the book. And I have created the site Tammy Mezera Books for this new publishing venture that I’m still experimenting with. Now, I’m not really a floral kind of gal but while posing as an amateur photographer I captured some really great photos and had the flower pic readily on my computer for upload. It is bright and cheery nevertheless!

I’m very happy about this. Poetry is such a huge passion for me and now I get to leave that part of me with my children, family and friends in a special way. There is a poetic breathing taking place within the binds of…

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