The Sordid Spectacle of Trump

Late yesterday I ran across reports of the video below.

In this video Trump brags about using his star power to grab women by
the girly bits.

I hate what the GOP has done to American politics and I can’t stop looking.

Listening to Trump on this video is like having someone vomit on me and I
want Mike Pence to use his phobic white virtue to mop it up.

Mike Pence and his hypocrisy are the GOP norm.

Trump’s surrogates are spinning this tape as nothing; but Trump’s
surrogates and supporters live in a cherry picked reality.

I love Republican strategist, Ana Navarro: she lives in reality and has a true sense of decency.

Trump issued an apology.

You can see that he’s angry and reading from a script.

Trump’s apologists and enablers miss the point of these tapes.

These tapes substantiate the claims of at least 3 women.

Ivana Trump, for instance:

Screen shot of NewYork Magazine's coverage of Ivana Trump's rape allegation against Donald Trump
New York Magazine, July 27, 2015 story of Ivanna Trump’s rape allegation.

Donald Trump brags on this tape about forcing himself on a married woman.

He describes what these other women describe in their affidavits.

This is not about Trump, the flawed man; this is about Trump the predator.

These tapes lend weight to an allegation that I refused to believe:

A screenshot of an NBC News Article regarding the allegation that Donald Trump raped a 13 year old girl
June 29, 2016 NBC legal analyses of allegation that Trump raped a 13-year-old girl.

The man on these tapes objectifies the female body to such a degree that it’s easy to believe he would see a 13-year-old as just another piece of ass.

Screenshot of a July 7, 2016 UK Guardian story about the legal issues around rape allegations against Donald Trump
Article in the July 7, 2016 UK Guardian about rape allegations against Trump

July 23 LawNews article on the rape allegations against Donald Trump
LawNews, July 23, 2016

One of worst parts of the aftermath of sexual abuse are the abuser’s enablers.

Trump’s enablers forgive him and argue that we should forgive him too.

But these allegations, if that are true, are not theirs to forgive or ours to deny.

The Trump Tapes are evidence.

Our legal system uses rules of evidence to decide guilt or innocence.

Forgiving Trump is up to the victims.

RG 2016



21 thoughts on “The Sordid Spectacle of Trump

  1. He is vile, and the fact that a large portion of voting Americans are still going to vote for him is even more disturbing. I think (hope) he is finally disgusting enough to see the end of his political career.

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  2. Dear Rpb,

    Ana Navarro is my favorite republican voice because she gets right to the point and because she represents how republicans should have been reacting to DT all along.

    For those republicans who are finally finding religion and who now have buyer’s remorse by withdrawing support at this time, it is only because DT is heading for a big loss. For those who chose not to listen to the voices within their own party like Ana Navarro, David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, Charles Krauthammer, Billy Crystal, etc. THEY DESERVE TO GO DOWN WITH THE CAPTAIN OF THEIR SHIP OF BIGOTRY, MISOGYNY, RACISM, HATERS, XENOPHOBS, CLIMATE CHANGE AND SCIENCE DENIERS; WHITE SUPREMIST GROUPS MEMBERS. This includes Hugh Hewitt who claims to finally see the light.

    Thanks for this great blog, Gronda

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    1. I woke up this morning with every expectation that our lives would return to the previous level of abnormal political hackmanship to which we had adapted and accepted as normal. Instead, the press has returned to normalizing Trump and presents him as ‘defiant’ and ’embattled’. Trump is not a defiant hero battling dark forces to bring light to his suffering people. He is a bully, a crook, a fraud, and a sexual predator whose primary appeal is those people who can’t or won’t do the job of thinking for themselves.

      That said, I’m also disturbed by recently released tapes of Hillary Clinton stating that she can have both ‘public’ and ‘private’ policies. I can respect a politician who takes off the gloves and gives her opponents a dose of the crap they fling at everyone else. I can’t accept the idea of a leader who thinks that she can tell us one thing and do another. That said, I’m not going to toss the political system into the fire because Clinton is not ideologically pure.

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      1. Dear Rob, I hope she is asked about these quotes tonight so that she can explain what she meant when she stated that she can have both ‘public’ and ‘private’ policies. I have to give her the benefit of the doubt because of the source. Let’s see what happens tonight.
        Ciao, Gronda

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      2. You are correct.

        I forgot that this is a Wikileak which means that the source is another guy accused of rape who is also a host on Russian State television.

        I can’t fault Putin for seeing Trump as a weapon to bring us down…

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      3. Dear Rob.

        I must be the only one who understood HRC when she referred to Abe Lincoln. I was probably one of the few who did not fall asleep during the movie and I loved the book.

        Here is what she was trying to say in my words:

        There isn’t a effective politician that doesn’t have a private v public position. This isn’t a bad thing in the right hands. If I were a politician, privately I may want to ban all guns, But publicly, I am going to push for legislation that is possible. I can privately be in favor for a single payer system but I would publicly push for what can be passed to have more peoples covered by affordable health insurance.

        HRC referred to Abe Lincoln because he was a master at this. He wanted to end slavery while keeping the Union together. When talking to one faction, he would push this agenda forward in a way pertinent to that faction that would move his agenda forward versus how he would do this with a different faction. This is how he managed to have Congress pass the 13th amendment.

        When you are hiring a politician, it is important to look at their stated goals, their past effectiveness in accomplishing what they set out to do; and then for the public TO HOLD THEIR LEGISLATORS ACCOUNTABLE.

        Expecting a politician to not have a private v public position is not realistic nor fair.

        In addition , I do not want to give WIKILEAKS any power to sow discord.

        In my past, I have been a successful but very ethical sales person. How I would sell a superior product to one person can be very different than how I would sell the same product to a different person. I do this in a very honest way with both parties. Why? What is important to one person about my product can be very different from what another person views as important.

        HRC is NOT a very good explainer in chief. She needs to get better.

        Ciao, Gronda


  3. Trump lives by the moto ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’ Whatever is dug up from past actions albeit bad ones, he apologies publicly and he feels he has cleared his debt. His Ego is so vast it keeps him from the real world effectively. That is how I see this man. Blaming others too seems fashionable … Sad.

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      1. I don’t understand the public’s acceptance, never mind the system. It seems like some sort of elaborate ruse. Is the Republican party going to usher in some other candidate last minute who seems acceptable in comparison? I just don’t get it.

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      2. From what I’ve read, only if Trump steps down and only after a lengthy process. People have already started casting their votes. The only way to make sure Trump doesn’t win is for everyone who thinks we can sanely to show up and vote for Clinton.

        I understand the frustration of Bernie supporters over Clinton, but if ever there was a generation that has a rendezvous with destiny it is the millennials.

        This may be the most important election of their lives.

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