I Want to Live a Lie

A virtual reality protrait of an avatar face in shadow surrounded by subdued color

i want to live
a lie

let’s log
in and

let’s wrap ourselves
in pretty pictures

let’s agree that
we are perfect
despite the

let’s ride
a deserted highway
just you and me
beneath a virtually
setting Sun

let’s juice the radio
and drown each
other out

let’s build an
imaginary oasis
and count
imaginary stars
and laugh about
how much we
guess we know

about supernovas,
black holes and
lines of defense

no one gets in
or leaves

we are here
and we
collide but
if we touch

we vanish

(c) Rob Goldstein 2014


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      1. From my mobile app I could not find the reblog option so I took a screen shot and have this saved because it really swept me away. You’re amazing! Have a great day my friend! :))

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