The Four Women Who’ve Accused Donald Trump of Rape

This is a well sourced Presentation of the rape allegations against Donald Trump. The abuse is described in detail and those of us who were used this way as children KNOW that this kind of thing happens.

26 thoughts on “The Four Women Who’ve Accused Donald Trump of Rape

  1. Yes, well, who knows whether some of the women intending to vote or who have voted in the Primaries were not themselves abused and may be threatened. it was just my suspicious mind. If what they say is true I can’t see how he can still be a candidate. I know the Media gets really dirty and can’t really be given every credence – however even as far away as Australia I will not trust him for the safety of the free world if he is elected.

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  2. As one looking on from the other side of the world this monster becomes more monstrous by the day, I pray the scales fall from every bewitched eye before the final outcome.

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  3. As the President of the USA he is representing every single person of that country. I honestly wonder who on earth wants to be represented by such a disgusting person(ality)…

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  4. Dear Rob,

    The hero during last night’s debate was Anderson Cooper. He kept asking DT if he had ever acted out according to what DT stated in the 2005 tapes.. DT was hedging but Anderson kept pushing until DT made a firm denial. Now all we need to do is wait as women come forward.

    Ciao, Gronda

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      1. Dear Rob,

        The trumpetttes are well aware that Anderson Cooper boxed in their leader to where he is in a heap of trouble. I am certain that DT is furious at Mr. Cooper.

        There are going to be a lot more angry Ms. Trumpys.. Hugs, Gronda

        P.S. I love your response to Ms. Trumpy!

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  5. You know, I’m outraged how some in the media and his supporters are taking his confession about sexual assault and making it into – Not the Real Issue or Just Talk. It is the real issue and I am embarrassed by the women who strand up for him.

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    1. I have learned that there are people in the world who never become fully adult. They never have the insight that other people are not extensions of their minds and bodies. They remain self centered children that are malleable and willing to turn themselves over to con men.

      There are too many of them and when the adults don’t vote these children are left in charge.

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      1. I agree with you. The psychological profile of the narcissist is that they are emotionally stuck at age two. That this emotional handicap has a clinical name does not mean that the people who are this way aren’t accountable.
        An emotional two year old in an adult body who thinks that everyone else is an object for his use is still morally and ethically repugnant. It has to do with the human ability to learn through self examination. We can discipline our
        emotional lives and learn to control infantile behaviors. We certainly don’t want a President who hasn’t acquired these skills.

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      2. It’s Otto Kernberg’s view.

        He conceptualized narcissism as a form of emotional regression for which the narcissist can compensate with intellect.

        You don’t have to ‘feel’ that murder is wrong to know that murder is wrong and why.

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