Smorgasbord Third Blog Birthday Bash – Music, dancing and cake – BYO links!

It’s a Birthday Bash!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

memeSorry could not resist and when Captain Picard orders… you have to make it so!

Welcome to my third blogging birthday party and here is a picture of me at a birthday party aged three.. and as you can see I have already reduced the boy beside me to tears.. either that or he is laughing his head off.. I seem to have that effect on most people I meet!!


My amah who is behind me had a tough job and spent her time chasing after me as I explored our home on the edge of the jungle.. furry pick it up, smelly pick it up, poisonous snake pick it up!  You get the drift.

Any how… There are some books to be had… a choice of some of mine and a couple of guests, Geoff Le Pard and Tina Frisco who have kindly brought some of their books to…

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