Screenshot from a political ad released by the GOP in September of 206 that blame President Obama and Democrats for our divided politics

Scapegoats as Strategy: The GOP Disinformation Machine

Screen Shot from a Political Ad Released by National Republican Senatorial Cmte on February 25th 2016. It is of a young Middle Eastern Male Described as an attackers disguised as a refugee
This is a screen shot from political ad released February 25, 2016 by the RNC. If this accusation looks familiar it’s because Donald Trump used it as a talking point in the second debate: “At Sunday night’s presidential debate with the former secretary of state, he warned that admitting more Syrian refugees “is going to be the great Trojan horse of all time.”” The Huffington post


The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is the Republican Hill committee for the United States Senate, working to elect Republicans to that body.

The NRSC was founded in 1916 as the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.

It was reorganized in 1948, and renamed the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

The NRSC helps elect Republican incumbents and challengers primarily through fundraising.  Other services include campaign activities using media and communications, as well as research and strategy planning.
Wiki Entry NRSC

These are the messages the GOP leadership feed its base.


A screen shot from a GOP Senate campaign ad of an armed militant in front of a sign written in a middle eastern language
Screenshot from an Islamophobic political ad released by the RNSC

Voice-over: Tragedy in Paris. Troubling reports of attackers sneaking into the country disguised as refugees. Catherine Cortez Masto’s plan? I do think we should be opening ourselves up. Opening ourselves up to attack. We are looking to accept refugees. You support that? I do support it. Tell Cortez Masto that we need a common-sense plan to defend the country. NRSC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

If you feel unsafe going to the polls this year remember these ads.

Donald Trump didn’t make this mess by himself and the GOP Leadership
silently enables him.

It’s not enough to simply withdraw their support.

The GOP leadership approved the rhetoric that made Trump and his
movement possible.

They’ve fed their base nothing but hatred for our government and our

Screenshot of various news items regarding Donald Trumps call for sedition
Trump supporters are promising to intimidate nonwhite voters.


Screenshot from a political ad released by the GOP in September of 206 that blame President Obama and Democrats for our divided politics
How does one comprehend the calculated cynicism of a GOP that blames President Obama and Democrats for our divisive politics in such a divisive ad?

Voice over: There was a time when we could trust our leaders but today politicians are only serving themselves, resulting in a rigged economy,  weakened National Security, and a divided Nation.

Screenshot of a Trump Tweet alleging that the Election is rigged
Screenshot of a Trump Tweet

Now is the time for the GOP Leadership to take a stand for American
Democracy by affirming the rule of law.

It can start by apologizing to its victims.


that Hillary Clinton attacked the women who made accusations against her husband.
Screenshot from a 2016 political ad released by the NRSC that promotes the well debunked lie that Hillary Clinton attacked the women who made accusations against her husband.


(c) Rob Goldstein 2016 videos found at the Internet Archives
Screenshots made from videos.





19 thoughts on “Scapegoats as Strategy: The GOP Disinformation Machine

  1. He said the awards for reality shows were also rigged, when he didn’t win those, either.
    I like Bill Maher’s take on it. Whiny Little Bitch. (No offense to whiny little bitches, as I can sure be one at times.)

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    1. What’s really interesting are those moments when one is both a whiny little bitch and a whiny big bitch. We may see Trump pull that off again tomorrow night at his last degradathon. I think Trump invited one of the parents of a soldier who died in the Benghazi incident to sit in the audience. I hate it when the GOP exploits people who are confused and giving.

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    1. Trump’s supporters choose to lock themselves in an All Spin Zone and these ads are constructed to induce fear and anger.

      The GOP elite know that its base lacks a fundamental knowledge of our Constitution and uses this ignorance as a weapon.

      Essentially, the GOP seeks to wins votes by using a weapon of war specifically designed to subvert reality rather than creating policies and presenting arguments based on facts. I consider it criminal.


  2. For the first time ever I’m afraid to even share who I’m voting for because people like to say they are just passionate about politics but I’ve seen lack of character in people I’ve known a long time. I’m seeing hate. I understand people feel afraid and out of fear comes hate. I’m happy to have sent my vote so I nolonger have to look at Facebook propaganda and media slander.
    I looked at my core beliefs and ached them best with another core belief and just slashed out on my pros and cons what the media has recently brought out.

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    1. Sadly, this election is different in so many ways. I blame weak leadership in both parties for the nation’s divided politics. Ideally the two candidates should represent the best the nation has to to offer…I hope that whoever wins this election is able to lay aside self interest and do what is best for our nation and the world.


      1. I used to agree with the idea that we are not choosing from among the best. But the more I look into Hillary Clinton the more I find myself thinking that Americans have been duped. John Oliver does a good job explaining this as it seems that many people in the media are coming to the same conclusion. It’s an odd time in U.S. history when the most reliable source of factual news presented in context is a comedy channel. If you decide to watch the clip please tell me what you think.


      2. OHH MY GOSSHHH. I have never seen him before and I freaking LOVE him!!! I’m 15 minutes in and this guy has me laughing out loud!!!!!

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      3. Omg the raisin analogy!!! This guy is awesome. Thanks so much for posting the link. Quite educational. Yet with humor as I sit here shaking my head saying holy cow what on earth is going to happen to our nation!

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  3. Dear Rob,

    The republicans paid for a study when they lost the 2012 elections which they ignored. They will end up paying for a 2016 study to figure out what went wrong. We could save them the expense. If the quit lying about serious issues like climate change; stop stirring peoples anger, fears and anxieties; stop depressing voter turnout; stop the outright false statements about our leaders like President Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya; stop enabling the racists, misogynists, xenophobes; start coming up with ideas that are beneficial to the middle class and those in poverty.

    Hugs, Gronda


    1. These ads are shameful because they are look like perfect examples of what the media describes as weaponized disinformation. The Republican Party used a weapon of war to manipulate the opinions of it’s base. In the absence of a clear and reasonable discussion of policy the GOP launched a campaign of lies, fear, half truths and smears. I republican lose this election and every election for the next decade as a result.

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