Donald Trump: In the Good Old Days

Click to view the montage, this documentary provides a compelling
reason for all Americans to go to the polls and vote this year and every
year after this.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire


11 thoughts on “Donald Trump: In the Good Old Days

    1. This rage at the loss of a fake entitlement based on skin color is the source of trump’s support. There are pre-civil war letters written by the slaveholders of the South on the Internet Archives. Slave owners discuss their options if slavery is abolished. One options is to import cheap white labor to replace the slave force…but they recognize that whites will not want to do the work of slaves so the strategy is to marginalize the freed slaves and ‘gift’ the whites with the ‘privilege’ of doing their jobs for low wages.

      I wonder if our nation will ever stop suffering from the crime of slavery.


      1. I saw this and wanted to read it. Anyone who doubts Hillary Clinton’s strength and poise should reflect on the fact that she arrived to debate a sick, psychologically abusive man whose only real problem with her is his contempt for women. Donald Trump used a public policy debate to take a dump on the entire nation. I cannot believe there are people who are OK with that.

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      2. I don’t even live in the US but I’m astonished that this man was ever able to stand up in front of America and say the things he believes in. Why wasn’t there many people up for presidency? I love Clinton and I think she will make America still good and carry on obhamas hard work and not just demolish everything US has worked for

        BTW hope yoy follow my posts as I think I will like your updates. X thanks x

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      3. Trump reflects the beliefs of people have never accepted the outcome of the American Civil War and never will. This fairly large faction hasn’t raged this loudly since the Civil Rights Act. Our problems are compounded by a corrupt media establishment that leaves us vulnerable to a fairly obvious disinformation campaign. Let’s hope that Americans are smarter than their appointed leaders.


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