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12 things I want the GOP to Stop Doing Right Now

First posted 10/21/2016
Update: 08/30/2017

Last October I thought the GOP was merely a political party gone astray.

I know better, now.

The craven and shameless hypocrisy we’ve witnessed from House and Senate Republicans these long seven months is humiliating to me as an American.

Many of the items on this list now make sense given what I’ve learned about Russian information Warfare and Active Measures.

An animated gif that says When it hits you the GOP was complicit with Trump
When it hits you the GOP was complicit with Trump

Below is a copy of the 2016 NATO Handbook of Russian Information Warfare.

Right click and ‘save as’ to download.

Handbook of Russian Information Warfare – NATO Defense College

                      12 things I want the GOP to Stop Doing Right Now

The rise of Donald Trump and his blatant disrespect for the rule of law did not happen in a void; The GOP is already working to subvert the will of the People.

Art by Rob Goldsteinq
Screen shot from Buzzfeed of a headline that states John McCain and the GOP will block Clinton Judicial appointees

Stop demonizing the government to win votes.

I think I speak for most sane Americans when I say I’m sick of the GOP’s conspiracy theories, coded racist rhetoric, appeals to a base that wants to undo the outcome of American Civil War; and a gas lighting anti-government propaganda outlet.

I’m talking about you Fox News.

Screenshot of a Southern Congressman saying that sometimes a lady needs to be told she's nasty
Screenshot of a Southern Congressman saying that sometimes a lady needs to be told she’s nasty

 Stop demonizing Democrats. Democrats are the opposition party, not an enemy nation. Demonizing legitimate political opposition is unseemly for members of the most stable democratic government in human history.

Screenshot of Ann Coulter calling the Khan Family Victims
Screenshot of Ann Coulter calling the Khan Family Victims

Stop using the hate rhetoric of media clowns like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter as a guide for good governance. Members of congress should denounce the hate rhetoric and lies spread by media figures who make their livings by preaching hatred for our system of government.

If you keep your majority in Congress, stop subverting the will of the people by subverting our duly elected President.  We the People want an end to GOP obstruction.

Screenshot of news item over government shut-down by GOP
Screenshot of news item over government shut-down by GOP

Stop using coded racist rhetoric. The American people know what you mean by ‘takers’ and we are offended by it.

Screenshot of a Huffington Post article on Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan on Takers

Stop abusing your political power to launch politically motivated investigations into democrats and only democrats.

If the GOP really wants to launch an exercise in justice it should investigate the invasion of Iraq. The World waits for the United States to take responsibility for war crimes in Iraq.

Screenshot of CNN on the Chilcot Report on Iraq
CNN on the Chilcot Report on Iraq

Stop hiding your economic agenda behind Christianity. As a Christian I can say with authority that the GOP and its political operatives on the religious right have no credibility to preach to others. .

Screenshot of Evangelical Leader regarding his support of Donals Trump "Tony Perkins Shared Values Don't matter to Him."
Tony Perkins: Shared Values Don’t matter to Him.

Stop breaking government programs and then using them as an example of failure. Most people want public services because they improve the quality of our lives by providing services that we cannot afford by ourselves.

Stop trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

Stop trying to privatize and destroy Medicare.

Stop calling Social Security an entitlement program. Americans pay for it; it’s our money.

CNN Screenshot regarding the GOP and Social Security
CNN Screenshot about the GOP and Social Security

Stop using LGBTQ citizens to ‘energize’ the hatreds of your homophobic constituents. LGBTQ lives are not yours to use as pawns.

Photo of 2014 front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.
2014 front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Do your job and hold hearing on Obama’s SCOTUS bin nominee. Respect the rule of law by meeting your responsibilities to the Nation as elected officials

Sreenshot of Washington Post Article on GOP Refusal to hold hearings on Obama's SCOTUS Pick
Washington Post Article on GOP Refusal to hold hearings on Obama’s SCOTUS Pick

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30 thoughts on “12 things I want the GOP to Stop Doing Right Now

  1. I’m beginning to find the Republican henchmen a bit repugnant, filled with hate and fear mongering. Just a tiresome bunch. They just seem to want to live in a divided Nation of divide, segregation, conquer and rule.

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  2. Great post Rob. I certainly hope America wakes the hell up! I get so tired of all the hate. People just want to live their lives. It’s none of my business what my neighbors do behind closed doors. They (Republicans) need to get off their asses and work to make the country better. The eyes of the world are upon us, and I’m guessing a lot of people are laughing their asses off at us. Shameful indeed.

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  3. Dear Rob,

    There are moments of poetic justice during this election season. For example, if HRC and other democrats win NC, it will be because of the republican bathroom law. I have been watching the long early voting lines with a lot of LGBTQ folks along with others who care about this issue, taking part.

    DT’s anti Muslim views was challenged by the Khan family to the chagrin of pundits like Ann Coulter.

    DT’s misogynist ways when he put down a former Miss Universe and the Hollywood Access tapes reflecting his lecherous ways will motivate women to come out in droves to vote for HRC.

    The republicans will rue the day that they messed with women and others. Payback is a bitch.

    There is hope!! Hugs, Gronda

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    1. I’m about to post about the absurdity of the Wikileak con. Did you know that if you google ‘Wikileaks Confirm that Hillary_____’ and fill in the blank with a random crime you’ll get a result? Try it, it’s astonishing and it will lead you to very depths of Right Wing craziness

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      1. Dear ROB,

        I tried it and you are so right, I just did what you instructed and I got the following:
        Hillary’s Body Count Is Going Up – Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Lawyer …
        http://www.usapoliticstoday.com › Politics
        Oct 4, 2016 – Hillary’s killing machine is eating people alive! … was killed. The report says it was a suicide, but WikiLeaks confirms it was NOT a suicide.
        Hugs, Gronda

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      2. Dear Rob,

        A lot of media pundits have been using the caveat that whatever they are referring to from WikiLeaks has not been authenticated, but then they don’t skip a beat before they start commenting.

        For once, Senator Rubio said something I agree with when he announced that he would not be referring to anything leaked from WikiLeaks. He said today, it is the democrats who had emails stolen by Russia, tomorrow, it could be the republicans.

        Hugs, Gronda

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      1. Exactly so-a never ending round of name calling and stupidness that disregards people…I was watching a news programme about the elections and one commentator said that if only men were allowed to vote Trump would definitely win!! I mean…what can you say …

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      2. I’m working on a post about this! I’m completely committed to doing what I can to counteract the astonishing disinformation campaign that seems to dominate the media at times. We can agree that Hillary Clinton has her problems but if she is half as criminal as the right wing press would have us believe she would have no interest in being President. Why would a woman who can get rich by ordering hits on people even bother with the Presidency. Or as Trump’s son points out, being President is a step down for his father.

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      3. I agree with you…but it’s important to remember that the reason it has been so hard to get to the policy reasons for selecting a President is that the Republicans nominated a man who is stuck emotionally at the age of two.

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  4. No discussion of the GOP, Donald Trump and Fox News would be complete without mentioning the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and NBC.
    If anyone needs to “play nice” – it should go for everyone.


    1. Agreed, but there is no equivalency between the two parties. I do know that the media prefers to play it that way. But the idea is as false as the idea that Hillary Clinton deserves execution.


      1. I suppose the outcome could be interesting. With the media as skewed in one direction or the other, it’s hard to know which polls to believe – if any. And history has shown time and time again polls cannot be trusted.
        Just makes me sad. This used to be a time for information giving not mud slinging.

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      2. I will never understand stubborn stupidity (or “mule-headedness” to quote Gramps) – especially in the name of a group. Heaven forbid we ever admit the “opposition” may have a better idea!

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      3. We were able to do that in this country until the GOP decided to use character assassination and disinformation as political tools. Just as there is no real equivalency between Clinton and Trump there is no equivalency between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. This is not to say that democrats are free of sin. It is to say that their sins aren’t as black.

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      4. What scares me is the Democratic party slipping into the same habits, if for no other reason than self-preservation. It’s easy as a human being to strike back with like …

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      5. I agree. It’s a fine line. The question in battle, is how to defeat an enemy that won’t abide by the rules of fair play. This has been a decades old problem for democrats who have not been as inclined to demonize and smear their opposition. To some extent Trump is a gift because he’s so awful that the GOP October ‘surprise’ smear campaign is eclipsed by Trumps glaring failure as a human being.


  5. If the GOP go on shooting themselves in the foot eventually they’ll realise just who is keeping them out of power…they are. Surely there must be some decent politicians there who can straighten out the party and have it work for ALL the people and not just a select few?
    The world is watching and to be honest, laughing.

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