A Portrait of Ayn Rand on Acid

Colorful digital painting of Ayn Rand based on a black and white screenshot of a video that asks why Ayn Rand is still a thing.
Portrait of Ayn Rand on Acid.

This post seems to have come out of nowhere. The images are based on screenshots from a Last Week Tonight segment that asks, Ayn Rand –
How Is She Still A Thing?

Black and White  digital painting of Ayn Rand based on a black and white screenshot of a video that asks why Ayn Rand is still a thing.
Portrait of Ayn Rand, Coming Down from Acid

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29 thoughts on “A Portrait of Ayn Rand on Acid

  1. Never heard of her before but I am shocked that she could get so popular with such horrible opinions…. unfortunately, there are more (dangerous) people still succeed the same way!

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      1. We could also call that flaw “free will”! It is up to everyone how this world shall look like. In the end, we need to get back to the same truth of love in order to make it happen!

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      2. Agreed Erika. We don’t know for sure but we may be the only species on this planet with the ability to learn how to question and control our baser instincts. I consider the act of refusing to do so a sin against the gift of reason.

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      3. I like that thought that the act of refusing is (let’s say) not seeing the value of the gift of reason. But even those acts provoke the opposite effect too. Many other people react with compassion and may support the less privileged even more!

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      4. I think that what Ayn Rand didn’t understand is that Compassion is a form of self interest. When I vote to provide low income housing for other people I also make it available to myself and my family should I have the need. When I support public education I am also supporting the education of my own children and members of my extended family. A advanced Global Civilization requires a well educated people with the skill to understand and respect the cultures of others. Providing these tools to others makes life better for all of us.

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      5. Very true! That is the problem with people who only think of themselves and how to benefit from everything or only doing “nice” things in order to get something in return. In the end they are the ones who lose the most!

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      6. It’s surprising that someone as articulate as Ayn Rand only thought in terms of black and white. She could not grasp the idea that all people mean something from a selfish perspective. When we look at homelessness what most of us don’t see is the damage such sights do to our children, to our sense of being a just people, to our health in the form of increased rates of tuberculosis and other communicable diseases, to the conditions of our streets where people are forced to defecate, to the simple act of going to get groceries because supermarkets are surrounded by hungry people. Homelessness takes a toll on all but the very wealthy. I selfishly want the United States to solve this problem because I want to live in a civilized nation. That Ayn Rand grasp the extensive damage her philosophy of short sighted greed idea is curious. And if her ideas represent the ideas of the Russian elite of her time I’m not surprised that members of her class were expelled from that nation.

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      7. Wow, they went that far that they were even compelled? Horrible! I just lately talked with a friend about homeless people and no matter whether we help or not we must always treat them respectfully. They did not want to live on the street. They all have a long story to tell!

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      8. What’s really sad are people who find this degradation of daily life acceptable because they don’t want to ‘take away’ the right of people with severe mental illnesses to refuse treatment. It is the most dishonest argument I’ve ever heard; as of the nightmare of being old and sick and hungry with no home is somehow less cruel than a stay in a hospital and placement in subsidized housing. It’s mind boggling.

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      9. The real sadness of being old enough to remember the United States as it was before Reagan is knowing with certainty that homelessness was a choice made by the baby boomers in the 1980’s and 1990’s and normalized by their children.
        The grinding and lethal poverty we inflict on people with psychiatric disabilities is not ‘inevitable’…It is an imposition rooted in stigma.

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      10. I am triggered by it all, as are many survivors of abuse. It is not hyperbole to say that Donald Trump is a classic pathological narcissist and his surrogates are classic enablers. Listening to Newt Gingrich repeat what he knows are blatant lies is shocking.

        And the Trump campaign is now doing to America what an abusive narcissist does to a friend or partner who tries to hold them accountable: they project, deny, and smear.

        The blatant and shameless lying is what I find so triggering. The attempt impose a false version of reality on people is the essence of psychological abuse.

        The fact that people are split is also the result of this one narcissist who has found a large segment of hurt and vulnerable people to use and abuse.

        It is painful to know the true reality of what is happening and to know it in a way that no media analyst can explain.

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      11. It is sad and scary that he gets such a support with such a behavior! It is not the majority (global) but dangerous enough to get a power someone like him must never have!

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      12. Yes it is, I just re-blogged Michael Moore in Trumpland. It’s a comforting film and I recommend viewing it; if for no other reason than to see that there is a civil society waiting to emerge from the sleaze of the Trump campaign.

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      13. I heard about that movie recently. But I think it will be watched first and foremost from Trump opponents. Anyway, I hope it helps to wake the ones who are still insecure!

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