A Tour of San Francisco in 31/2 Minutes

Surrealist streetshot made with an android cell phone using panaorama feature to create distortion
Vanishing Act

Flickr members Richard Warner and Paul Ewing introduced me to a photographic technique they call Panovision.  They use radical hand and body movements to sabotage the android’s panorama option.

Paul Ewing describes the technique in the Pano-Vision group on Flickr.

Screen shot of Flickr member Paul Ewing that gives an explanation of the use of the panorama option on a cell phone for making abstracts
The technique for making Panovision Abstracts.

The results are shots like these:

Richard S. Warner-On a Hot Summer Day Time and Space are Fluid

On a Hot Summer Day Time and Space are Fluid

Paul Ewing- “Great Lakes Freighter Engine Room”


"Great Lakes Freighter Engine Room"


Or this one by Rob Goldstein – Deconstruction Site


Deconstruction Site

I noticed  a ‘save video’ option on the panorama shots and found the videos as interesting as the still shots so I played with them,  joined them and set them to music.

A Tour of San Francisco in 31/2 Minutes is a selection of Panovision
videos made over the past three months and set to Desert Song
by Dead Can Dance. I dedicate it to Paul Ewing and Richard Warner.





12 thoughts on “A Tour of San Francisco in 31/2 Minutes

  1. Pano-Vision, or as I prefer to call the technique, Pano-Sabotage, was not created by Paul Ewing and myself … as a technique. An extensive check of the internet clarified that for Paul and myself. However, where we’ve made a major point of difference is that we’ve taken this technique, discovered by both of us independently and heuristically, and turned it into a method for making Art.

    For the most part what you see all over the internet are posts by people who also “sabotage” their cell phones’ Pano function but none of whom take it beyond what I might call the “novelty factor”. “Hey man, this is freaky, look at this- wild eh?” But none of it is being utilized to it’s fabulous potential as an Art medium.

    In terms of photographic image making, it is revolutionary in that the image is created IN THE PHONE. The fragmented or “facetized” results are not the product of post-camera photo manipulation. Photoshop has NOT created these results, the camera and the artist’s hand movements do that. Each piece is an improvisation with unforeseen results. In a way, it is ‘drawing in space’. Photo manipulation is sometimes used, but that’s done AFTER the Pano-Sabotage results and mostly to provide extra colour saturation, texture, lighting and other effects, primarily used to turn the image into Art.

    In 2015 Paul and I created a Flickr group called “PANO-Vision”, a forum and gallery for the development of “Pano-Sabotage” Art. With over 500 images posted now and a membership of very talented and skilful artists, each of whom have made some pretty considerable and impressive contributions to the forwarding of this aesthetic and technique. Each “PANO-Vision” artist is right out in the head wind of exploration and Rob Goldstein has proven to be one of the most significant of those explorers.

    In the late summer of 2016, Rob posted a brief film clip done with his Android, using the “Pano-Sabotage” technique. It is brilliant ! Paul Ewing and I were knocked right out as neither of us had Androids and didn’t know about it’s ability to capture images IN MOTION and “facetize” them in the characteristic markers of the medium. Each cell phone make has widely varying results when using the “Pano-Sabotage” hand movements and we saw very different things coming out of Apple iPhones, Samsungs, LG’s and Androids, for example.

    With his small clip and now this beautiful and stunning video, Rob has taken the “Pano-vision” approach and given it a ‘quantum leap’. None of the other phones can do this but it’s not just about technical abilities of the phone or the person shooting the images. Rob has shown incredible skill with his Android but even more so he has taken his fantastic abilities as an artist and successfully translated them, easily I might add, into ART. This is the very definition of Pano-Vision, the creation of Art, through the use, or “mis-use” of the smart phone camera’s panoramic function. Mr. Goldstein took to the medium like a waterfowl to water. Yet this is more about his skills as an Artist than it is about the ‘wacky’ technique of what we call, “waving a cell phone around in the air”. Robert Goldstein is an Artist of considerable talent and I look forward immensely to where else he might take this medium.

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    1. Thank you, Richard for the clarification regarding the origins of the technique and for your comments on the video. I still have much to learn about making a polished and professional looking video but with each new experiment I get a little closer.

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      1. That’s how mastery begins, Rob. A small venturing out here, a daring bit of “What if?” there … I think you’ve done a fantastic job with your first foray. I can’t wait to see you do more and see you continue doing still Pano-Sabotage shots as well. You took to the medium like a duck to water, so let’s see more ! 🙂

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  2. Really enjoyed this my friend!!!…
    Hope that you are doing well…since it has been a minute since we spoke…lol
    Hope this Saturday is treating you well…☻

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