CNN Panel Laughs When Trump Backer Says No Evidence To Call Him Racist (VIDEO)

Excellent post and the video is intense.

When the Trump surrogate can no longer squirm out of the truth she repeats the lie that Hillary Clinton laughed about freeing a child rapist.

The video is at the bottom of the page of the original post.

After you watch the video go to where the lie the Trump surrogate tells is debunked.

The Fifth Column

CNN Screen capture


A CNN panel failed to maintain composure on Friday when Donald Trump supporter Gina Loudon insisted there was no evidence to back up claims that the Republican nominee has engaged in racist and misogynistic behavior.

“Words matter,” panelist Symone Sanders told Loudon during a discussion on CNN Tonight. “Donald Trump is running for president of the United States, okay? So, his words are extremely important because as president, your words — I mean we can talk about the fact he’s discriminated against African-Americans, Latinos in this country, Muslims –”

“He has when?” Loudon asked.

CNN analyst Bakari Sellers launched into a summary of Trump’s past treatment of black Americans, citing the housing discrimination lawsuits his family was forced to settle for refusing to rent to black tenants and the full-page New York Times Trump took out calling for the wrongfully incarcerated Central Park Five to…

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8 thoughts on “CNN Panel Laughs When Trump Backer Says No Evidence To Call Him Racist (VIDEO)

    1. Out of their holes and out from under their rocks. They may reluctantly slither back to their rightful place in an egalitarian 21st Century democracy but they won’t be gone. They’ll wait until we forget about them and drop our guard. And they’ll be back. They will always, always be waiting to impose their disturbed, distorted and violent reality on the rest of us.

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      1. It is a puzzle. In the long view, these are ongoing skirmishes related to the American Civil War. The North won the armed conflict but it has taken over a century to defeat a mentality that does not recognize people from other races and cultures as human. I suspect it will take another century for it to diminish to the degree that it is no longer a threat. Either way the rise of Trump and a base that ignores fact in favor of its favorite racist bedtime stories is a compelling argument for fully funded public education.

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      1. Here is what has changed. Back in the ‘good old days’ there were no people of color to push back on the narrative of Trump surrogate who argues that rump isn’t racist. Black people and Latinos know what the code words mean just as surely as Jews know what the words ‘International Conspiracy’ means. But affirmative action worked. Affirmative Acton was about opening opportunities for people who were traditionally shut out of high level positions. It’s impossible for a white supremacist to impose her version of reality on a mixed race news panel. And that is one of the reasons Trump is losing. I especially love it when the Trump surrogate claims that Trump was not directly responsible an ad against five Black kids who went to prison for a crime they didn’t commit. Why? Because he had someone place it for him. It is the ultimate in parsing the truth.

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