Homelessness is Not a Symptom of Mental Illness


Homelessness is Not a Symptom of Mental Illness

Suzanne Leonard Cohen
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18 thoughts on “Homelessness is Not a Symptom of Mental Illness

  1. I have this song on my Ipod.
    It’s the time of year when I start worrying about the homeless again. I worry about my son.
    But….we all know that it is so much easier to just throw a label on these people and move on.
    If these billionaires would just contribute (what to them would be peanuts)…we could house so many of these people. If these billionaires give a few thousand dollars…how much worse are they going to eat…or live?
    I give as much as I can and I am not wealthy. I just care, I guess.

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    1. I’m sorry that your son is homeless, Laurel. That must be painful for you. I know the thought of losing everything and finding myself reduced to a starving non-entity on the streets is more terrifying than any illness. I think I’d kill myself first.


    1. Your son is a good example of how mandatory treatment saves lives. Denial is a clinical symptom. There may be something else going on. “Anosognosia” is ‘forgetting’ the disease. It also happens to diabetics. The best thing that can happen in the absence of civilized laws that make it easier for families to get loved one into rehab is for your son to do something that gets him into a behavior court which is what have in San Francisco. I have never met a patient who wasn’t happy to feel better and have his life back. Mandated treatment works.


      1. Homelessness is the result of the system’s refusal to recognize the crippling seriousness of severe mental illness. To blame a person with severe schizophrenia for being too ill to care for himself is like blaming a paraplegic for not being able to walk on his own.

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      2. I know!! I have suffered an episode of Schizophrnia for around a year. Having 3 major crisis. This is both criterais necessary to give you a lifetime criteria of schizophrenic-Paranoid. I had to undergo treatment constantly for a year!
        I was back from Nicaragua from a readatptation center that threw me out because they were not equiped to help me and my family was told to not help me until I accept to take medication. I refused for more than 6 months!! I was back home but a total stranger where I have lived almost all my life!! minus 2 years! I could even find an apartment. And I was totally sober! They all thought I was high!!
        God it was Hell! TY for talking about it. It helped tell my story. Get it off my chest with, I know, the people here can relate to. Thanks for doing that Robert.

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