Terry Tate Makes America Great!

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Nevada voter says she supports Trump because he will make America great like it was before homosexuals because ‘morality’ matters to her.



19 thoughts on “Terry Tate Makes America Great!

    1. isn’t the extreme right astonishing? She’s concerned about morality so she supports a no nothing racist who lies without thinking, believes that he has the right to sexually assault women and pays no taxes. But at least he’s not in a monogamous relationship with another man.


  1. All I can say is God help America and all who sails in her – it is scary, can she really vote, can someone lock her up on the day, it’s not compulsory to vote in America?

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      1. It is good that there will be 20% more voters but for whom? Yesterday myself and an 85 year old woman where talking about Donald Trump as we waited our turn at the doctors and she dreads it if he is elected and can’t understand the Trumpettes. She has seen a fair few Presidents in her day and our PMs and I would trust her she seems to have a good head on her shoulders – at least we had fun talking about the absurdity of it all.

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      2. The U.S. only goes right when democrats and liberals don’t vote. Consider that only 40 percent of all eligible voters registered and voted in 1980. American liberals elect democrats to the presidency and then sit back and wait for him (or her) to change everything. They don’t seem to understand that Congress has most of the power in our government which means that when liberals sit out the mid-terms we get what we have now and what we had in the 1990’s: liberal presidents forced to make conservative compromises with an obstructionist GOP congress.

        The reason American conservatives are so desperate to suppress the vote is that they can’t win any other way. Every liberal who falls for the cynical line that their vote doesn’t matter becomes part of the problem. This year feels different. I sense that People are beginning to realize that Hillary Clinton has survived and transcended two decades of disgusting GOP smear campaigns. That alone makes her worthy of our admiration.

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  2. What’s with the woman who sounded like a Hillary supporter, but then says she’s open to change if Trump wins? People like her scare me much more than the hardcore Trump supporters. If I had hair I would have ripped it out.

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    1. Isn’t it a puzzle. And the thing is that they sound like decent people…So the question is this: how can decent people who say they are concerned about morality have such a benighted and superficial understanding of morality?

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