Confessions of a White American

Lynn Thaler

A few years ago, I was curious about my ancestry and I had my DNA tested.  The results, I am:

  • 43% Northern European
  • 36% Mediterranean
  • 19% Southwest Asian
  • 2% East African

If you ever meet me, you will notice the European characteristics are dominate.  My skin is white, but I am not fair skinned.  My eyes are blue.  My hair was blond until I was six or seven years old, then it started to turn brown.

In America, race has always been a hot button issue and it is at the heart of a lot of conflict among our citizens.  Now that I know about my heritage, I am more interested in the conflict and have a greater desire to improve the situation.

Here are my confessions as a white American.

I know some of my ancestors were racist and some were criminals.  I know they fought against civil rights…

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4 thoughts on “Confessions of a White American

    1. The technology is happening and we can’t undo it. What we can do is actively participate in our government by vetting candidates who will protect our privacy and by voting out political leaders who don’t protect our interests. We have a government. We will always have a government. When we deregulate multinational corporations, cut their taxes and set them free to prey on us we create the worst possible government. There is no freedom for working class people under a government that only serves the wealthy. Google as a corporate entity already tracks us and sells bits of our lives for profit. What this election will demonstrate is the power of people going to the polls to take charge of a government that is truly out of control. We are on the brink of tyranny and we were brought here by men and women who convinced us that our government was our enemy and whose primary political strategy is not the development and implementation of sound policies but rather a distracting collusion with a foreign government to smear its political opposition.

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      1. I have no faith in political parties. I have faith that when the American people actively participate in the political process they can force the two political parties that work together for the good of the country. I know that Americans can do This because I’ve seen it. The most exciting news to come out of this election is the bipartisan consensus that the GOP is out of control. Should the democrats regain control of the house it will be up to the people to push them to represent us. Hillary Clinton will do exactly what we push her to do and nothing more. The President will always represent her most vocal supporters and if they turn out to be bankers then that is who she will represent. So, the democrats have to borrow a page from the republican playbook and show up to vote in EVERY election including the mid-terms. They have to select state representatives with a Sanders inspired platform and VOTE for them. Democrats have the nasty habit of behaving as if they think they can elect one person to change a government that has three distinct branches. The President is less powerful than Congress. I honestly don’t understand why Republicans are more aware of this aspect of our government than Democrats. But it you watch this race the GOP is focused on the house races because if they keep the house they keep power. How much more would Obama have achieved if Democrats hadn’t pouted over his ‘compromises’ and sat out the mid-terms?

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