Sean Hannity Interviews Former Editor of Weekly World News about Hillary’s Lesbian Hookups

Screenshot from a right wing media outlet about Hillary Clinton's satanic rituals
To play the game go to Google and type Wikileaks bombshell, Hillary Clinton (blank). Fill in the blank with anything and count the number of hits. It’s fun and you get to see some weird ass shit.

I invented and started playing the Wikileaks Bombshell Game a couple of days ago. The game is addicting because you enter a parody of reality where people believe Hillary Clinton is Satanic.

I post screenshots of the stories I find to Twitter.

Yesterday, I posted this:

A Screenshot of a right wing outlet reporting on a National Enquirer Story about Hillary's Lesbian Hookups
Hillary’s Hookups, 10/24/2016 found on Trump Conservative, Where Common Sense Meets Politics

Where Common Sense Meets Politics?

So, today I load the Yahoo News reader and what do I see?

Screenshot of Yahoo News story about Sean Hannity's Interview with the former editor if the Weekly World News
Can you believe it?

That’s right, Sean Hannity has taken the art of not being a journalist to a new low by giving a serious interview to a guy who says he arranged lesbian hookups for Hillary Clinton.

To clarify, Jeff Rovin, the hookup guy, is the former editor of the Weekly World News:

Screen shot ot the Weekly World News bat Child story found on Yahoo

This is a recent headline from the online edition:

Screenshot from the Weekly World News Online Edition which headlines a story about Bill Clinton's Endorsement of Donald Trump
Screenshot from the Weekly World News Online Edition which headlines a story about Bill Clinton’s Endorsement of Donald Trump

These are the most popular stories on the Weekly World News:

Screenshot of the most popular stories on the Weekly World News
Most popular stories on the Weekly World news

Screenshot of Yahoo's story about Sean Hannity's Interview with the former editor of the Weekly World News

As if this story isn’t already too weird get this:

“Rovin — who calls himself a libertarian — told Hannity he was reluctant to come forward but was compelled, in part, to condemn “the salacious nature of political reporting.”

“The New York Times has become the Enquirer, the Enquirer has become the New York Times,” he said. “The world is upside down. We’ve got to set it right again.””

Yes, Mr. Rovin, who states in his story that Hillary Clinton, ““…is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with both men AND women!” condemns the salacious nature of political reporting.

Excuse me, but I think I just wet myself!

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27 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Interviews Former Editor of Weekly World News about Hillary’s Lesbian Hookups

  1. As a card-carrying lesbian, I want to state for the record that I have seen Hillary in any of the circles I travel in. And I will vote for her but I’m not crushed that she hasn’t joined our club.

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    1. LOL…as a lifelong ‘militant’ hamasectual it doesn’t bother me that she had to ‘learn’ to accept same sex marriage. Anyone born before 1969 had to ‘learn’ to accept it…including militant hamasectuals.

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      1. Sorry..It was thoughtless of me not to explain that the the word homosexual is and was pronounced as ‘hamasectual’ in certain parts of the South.}

        The first time I heard it was at a revival meeting in Charleston, South Carolina. The minister railed for an hour about militent hamascetuals
        and their hamasectual agenda.

        I should probably throw an H in there: hahmasectual. Thanks for asking for clarification.

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  2. I say that if Hillary did all the things she’s accused, from White Water to the murder of 24 people, and has never spent a day in jail then she must be an absolute genius. Someone that smart is exactly who I want for president.

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    1. Oh yes….! She’s done everything from major robberies, murder and bisexual orgies without ever being caught. That makes her way smarter than the rich white dude who didn’t pay his taxes and was recorded bragging about his history of sexual assault. If we have to have a crime lord for President then #ImWithHer!

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    1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say guy that published the bat boy feature is probably not credible. I will say this for Sean Hannity: he admits that he’s not a journalist. I just thought it was funny that something I considered a joke last night showed up on Fox News as a serious story today. These are weird times.

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  3. Dear Rob,

    Just 2 more weeks!! Hannity keeps sinking to new lows. If the republican party wants to turn itself around for the better, it is going to have disown the folks like Hannity.

    There are those who listen to the right wing messengers and who then deny the existence of climate change; say that President Obama is coming for their guns; and that the president was really born in Kenya and he is a closet Muslim; and of course, the election is rigged etc. By the republicans tacitly supporting these lies, they have created the environment which allows someone like DT to flourish.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  4. Omaword.
    Well to be honest, I don’t really care about her sex life. Or anyone’s, really, except mine and The Mister’s, which are supposed to be, you know, one in the same… BUT Um, I don’t think so!
    Mermaids, eh? Well lemme know when they find a unicorn, my daughter very much wants to ride one. 😉

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