Michael Moore in TrumpLand: A National Group Therapy Session


Trump’s media enablers and surrogates are spinning Micheal Moore in
TrumpLand as an endorsement of Donald Trump.

It’s a lie.

Lying is the Trump Team’s strategy of choice.

Moore is the skillful facilitator of a desperately needed therapy session.

Moore is at his most moving when he recounts the savage beating
Hillary Clinton took over her attempt to create Universal Health Care .

Moore tells the audience that a million people have died from lethal
neglect and inadequate health care since 1993.

It’s inspiring to watch Michael Moore earn the  trust of the Trump
supporters in his audience.

Michael Moore makes four important points:

The people of TrumpLand have a right to be pissed.

A vote for Donald is their big fuck you to a corrupt system
of arrogant elites.

Voting for Donald Trump is a lousy anger management tool.

If Trumpland votes for Trump to manage their anger it will be
the last vote they cast:

“Trump will be our last President.” Michael Moore.

Moore’s film is all about validation, healing, and stepping back from
rage to see the people behind the polarized caricatures we see
in our media.

Moore is clear that Trump has something important to say but he
is also clear that Trump is not what his followers hope he will be.

“Michael Moore in TrumpLand”: A film whose surprising healing power is needed now more than ever

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  1. I think of myself as a Michael Moore fan, but realized I have not followed him since Fahrenheit 911. But lately, he has been everywhere, so I knew parts of his talk. While I do not have the same philosophy in lock step, his message hit the mark. Which now that I think about it, was the pont of it all.


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