Illustration for 'A Skeleton in the Attic' depicting a little boy seated on a trunk staring down at a skeleton.

A Skeleton in the Attic – Part Two-

One day the little boy and the skeleton were dancing.

The Skeleton tripped over the trunk the little boy used as a seat.

The Skeleton fell very hard.

His legs and skull cracked and shattered.

The little boy quickly gathered as many pieces as he could find and laid them in a shaft of dusty Sunlight that came through the window.

The Skeleton sighed, “I shall have to go back to being a dead skeleton.”

The little boy cried and kissed the fresh crack in the skeletons forehead.

When his lips touched the skull it became fleshy and warm.

The little boy laughed with joy,  “You’re a real person now!

“No,” the skeleton replied, “You’re kiss and tears gave my last moments true life. When you leave the attic I will be gone and you must never return. But you will remember this moment so when you meet other skeletons you will not be afraid to touch and love them.”

“But I will be alone again. “ The little boy cried.

The young man knelt and smiled at the little boy.

Illustration for 'A Skeleton in the Attic' depicting a little boy saying good bye to the Skeleton who is now a young man.
The young man knelt and smiled at the little boy.

“You will never be alone again. Your world is full of skeletons that want to live and dance. Your love has conquered your fear of skeletons and made you brave. Now you will take your love to the skeletons of your world and give them life”


(c) Rob Goldstein, 2017 All Rights Reserved

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31 thoughts on “A Skeleton in the Attic – Part Two-

  1. Wow. There’s something ethereal or prophetic about this story.
    The combination of a symbol of death and decay, coupled with warmth and hope is puzzling, just as is the traumatic, life-altering effects of childhood events, coupled with the
    innocents of that same childhood.

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    1. I have my thoughts about what this story is about….I do recall that as I child I thought there was a skeleton in the attic of our house, although I don’t recall what the attic looked like.


      1. I once read a dream analysis on skeletons that fit for me. “Mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, you have been stripped to the bone; something in your life has experienced complete change, resulting in a fear of loss or death”. It was a recurring dream for me when the death of my care-taking grandmother turned our world upside down. I was 6. Not sure you can relate, just sharing.

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      2. This makes sense. Of course!

        As a little boy I lived in fear for my life…both night and day…and it left me stripped to the bone…a shattered skeleton of a person who needed love to become whole…You’re hired!!!!

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      1. yes…it is so weird to say I’m getting better and know that it’s true. I may never be whole–but I will also never again be as broken and for that I am grateful.


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