Status Update–November 3rd

A photograph of  fall leaf still on the tree
November 1st — Through my living room window.

I’ve been sick with a knock down drag out stomach virus since Sunday.

It’s rare that a virus takes me out to the extent that I can’t keep up with posting and responding to comments but this one kicked my ass.

The bug is not gone but I at least have some interest in life beyond sleeping and complaining to anyone who will listen. (Kudos to my partner on this.)

I will  return slowly to catch up on comments and with the blogs I follow.

I hope you guys had a good Halloween

Happy voting to the U.S.!


48 thoughts on “Status Update–November 3rd

  1. I wondered what happened to you. With all the election interfering by the FBI I knew you’d be furious. I certainly am. It’s all about timing, as Comey showed us.
    Hope you get all better soon.

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    1. All I have to say to Comey is this: ‘Mr. Comey, there is no proof that you intended to break the law but your handling of the information was extremely sloppy and placed the integrity of our political process in jeopardy. I hope that you have the courage Hillary Clinton displayed when she apologized for her ‘sloppy’ handling of her email.

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    1. I haven’t been able to bring myself to catch up on the news. I’m furious with FBI Director Comey. He may not have intended to do anything criminal but his handling of the information was sloppy at best. I hope he has the guts to apologize for it.

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      1. Dear Rob,

        BREAKING NEWS: FBI Director James Comey has publicly stated that the review of emails is resolved and he is standing by July decision not to charge HRC for any criminal wrong doing.
        CIAO, Gronda

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  2. Beautiful picture my friend!!!
    Hope that you start to feel better soon my dear…☻
    Happy Halloween to you and yes I will be voting soon as I hope more people take advantage of what is expected of them as a citizen…My grandad (popo) used to tell me or all the kids if you do not vote then you have no say…lol

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