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  1. Although of course I don’t really like it, I just wish you the best, good luck, and hope you have an exit strategy ready, to Canada or even Europe! Bless xxx

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    1. I feel a little better today. We have a lot of work to do. Trump is the inevitable outcome of a well organized effort to suppress enough votes in the swing states to secure the electoral college. The GOP has figured out how to game the system.

      We must demand accountability even as we give our new President a chance to prove that he’s more than a needy narcissist who will do and day anything for attention.


  2. Stay thirsty my friend. One can bemoan and believe me i do….but the only real alternative to shambling forward; is to stop. Don’t stop. i think now we are just going to have to watch out for “others” even more than we protect ourselves.

    Post as you feel you can.

    I’m sooo soooo sooooooooo SO tired. ~~dru~~

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    1. Thank you Bradley.

      I’m honored that you say that.

      It’s now obvious to me that the GOP is gaming the electoral system.

      This is the second election I’ve watched the GOP steal by using the media and other methods to suppress the vote in swing states.

      In retrospect Trump’s contention the election was rigged was a strategic distraction from how the election was being rigged.

      If we operate under the assumption that Trump is a shady dealer who cheats to get what he wants then we have to assume that he had all of the elements in place for stealing this election.

      If we review the last 14 days of the campaign what we see is a coordinated effort to suppress votes.

      The secret weapon in that effort was FBI Director Comey.

      But, to fully understand the voter suppression effort we have to start with the media’s passive acceptance of Wikileaks: the ‘anti-corruption’ campaign that only targets Democrats.

      Rather than question why the Clinton campaign was the only target our press reported unverified information from a criminal break in as if it was news.

      If this election was rigged it was done in the open.


      1. I agree with you…

        It’s important not to let the right gaslight us on this: how easy it is to hide a real conspiracy under an endless pile of crazy conspiracy theories.

        We have actions to support our concerns.

        The people have a right to know why the FBI Director broke with precedent and released bunk information. We have Giuliani’s statement that he knew in advance what the director was going to do. We also have a right to know whether the shift in perception is reflected in the outcome of the election. We can easily determine this by looking at voting patterns to see if there is a shift that ended after he released the second letter.

        We have no proof that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy…

        But there is no denying the evidence of voter suppression in the swing states , the odd behavior of FBI Director Comey, the government’s confirmation of Russian interference
        and the massive disinformation campaign called Wikileaks.

        These things are all real….

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      1. I hope I’m wrong about my low expectations, in spite of my disdain for him as a person. He’s the President, and we can’t change that dismay-inducing result. So, for the good of all of us, I sure hope I’m wrong.

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      1. yes, Robert my dear, I am happy to hear from you. I am so glad you decided to not go away because we all need your wisdom and support. This is terrible and I have not turned on the tv for a few days now. I am afraid what the fallout is going to be. We will stick together, be brave!

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