Congratulations Tea Party, You Earned this Win

Image of Trump as an alien from the film 'They Live' which reads make America Obey
Make America Obey – Source of image unknown

The best example of political activism in modern history just walked off
with all three branches of the American government.

If you are a progressive democrat, or a civil libertarian and you are asking
how to resist President Trump, I give you the Tea Party.


A photograph of a white neo-nazi ralley
Congratulations to the Tea Party – Source image unknown

How did they do it?

The Tea Party coalesced as a radical right-wing movement in response to
the 2008 election of Barack Obama.

It recruited, nominated, and supported candidates for state and national elections.

It organized and promoted activist events on social media and used Fox News Channel and other right-wing media outlets to broadcast its point of view.

The Tea Party is shamelessly partisan.

Not only did the Tea Party shun the idea of compromise, it elected representatives who brought their protests into Congress

This next part is crucial:

The Tea Party demanded that it’s elected leaders obstruct Obama and
they did.

If we want to resist President Trump we must do as the Tea Party did.

The people at Calexit have an interesting idea. This is a quote from

We advocate for peaceful secession from the United States by use of an independence referendum to establish a mandate, followed by a nationwide campaign to advocate in support of a constitutional exit from the Union.

I don’t agree with secession but I do agree with these particular principles of the #Calexit movement as I understand them:

  • California values diversity; all citizens must benefit from our Nation’s
    political system and wealth.
  • California believes that health care is a universal right for all people.
  • California believes that education is an essential human right
  • California protects the civil rights of all of its citizens.

These four principles are the fundamentals of progressive opposition to regressive government.

We must organize around these basic principles and ruthlessly
promote our cause.

If we want to resist Trump then we must become as passionate, as obstructionist and as ruthless as the Tea Party.

photograoh of a gun store 'pre-hillary' sale
Gun Ad for a Pre-Hillary gun sale-image source unknown

So I say, congratulations to the Tea Party!

Organization and persistent political activism works; even when the goals are ugly.

It’s possible that we on the left will have to go low before we can go high.

photo of a KKK endorsement of President Trump source unknown
KKK Endorsement of President Trump-image source unknown

Rob Goldstein 2016

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by Tracy Chapman
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14 thoughts on “Congratulations Tea Party, You Earned this Win

    1. They righta tough game.

      The right will cheat in the open and if you say something it will deny what it’s doing and accuse you of bias.

      This means that our elected officials have to take off the gloves and give them a taste of their own shit…


  1. Man, you hit it right on the head Rob. I don’t know if democrats can sink as low as the Tea party did. We don’t seem to operate at that level of depravity. I do think they couldn’t stand the fact that a woman could possibly be the leader of the free world. Too much intellect for their pea brains to handle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that misogyny played a huge role in how the media handled Clinton.
      If the Presidency were a corporate job Clinton would have a good case for filing a lawsuit.
      An unqualified white male got a job over an eminently more qualified woman.
      The man who serves as the face of what we stand for as a nation is on film bragging about sexual assault.
      It’s mind boggling and what’s even more mind boggling is that the media
      is treating this as if it’s a normal outcome.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m looking at this electon from the perspective of setting a goal and achieving it.

      A government of whites, for whites and by whites is not my goal.

      But that’s what we have now, and the people who put that government in place did it despite the fact that they lost the popular vote.

      Democrats are kicking each other when they should be angry.

      We’ve been gas lighted.

      We didn’t lose the election….we won the popular vote it despite the most dishonest campaign ever run by the GOP.

      If we look at the state races the margins of difference is slim.

      How many votes did Hillary Clinton lose between Comey’s first letter and his second one nine days later?

      When we went high the GOP went as low as it could go…

      The Tea Party and it’s leaders worked hard for this.

      Liked by 1 person

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