You are the Worst Kind of Yid

The title of this post comes from a reply to the author of
an article in the Times of Israel:

screenshot from the letters section of the Times of Israel
You are the worst kind of Yid

Alarmism saved my family from Hitler: Why I won’t tell anyone to calm down about Trump

From the Times of Israel:

People are scared. They have every right to be. Trump’s words speak of an intent to violate fundamental liberties; Trump’s words inveigle violence; Trump’s words abrogate a social contract that says that we should quietly respect election results.

Perhaps Trump will be a better leader than we thought. The burden is entirely on him to prove that his campaign was an act, and that he and his followers pose no threat to women and minorities. Until then, suspicion. Until then, fear. Until then, anger.

Alarmism saved my family from Hitler: Why I won’t tell anyone to calm down about Trump


18 thoughts on “You are the Worst Kind of Yid

  1. Oh man. We went to the Liberally Drinking function last night. My hubby and I were the youngsters in the room, and I’m 57! We haven’t been for a year. When we use to go we had fun, this was a bunch of old folks. Is this where the Democratic party is going? We left early.

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    1. I don’t think that this is where the democrats are going…But I do think it’s where the centrists are going.

      If democrats think they can take a centrist stand on the presence of a tyrant in the White House they are wrong.

      In San Francisco the democrats are more like Greens but then so are the Republicans.

      I think it depends on where you live.

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      1. Donald J. Trump 1,409,467 47.9%
        Hillary Clinton 1,382,210 46.9
        Gary Johnson 106,442 3.6 —
        Jill Stein 30,980 1.1 —

        What’s you’re theory…? That 1% difference makes me wonder if there was a shift at some point.

        Wisconsin is one of six states that Trump won by less than 2% of the vote.

        Trump won by 1% in Wisconsin…Split Gary Johnson’s votes in half and throw in Jill Stein’s and Wisconsin is still Blue.

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      2. Close elections in swing states are the GOP’s best friend. That’s why it works so hard to suppress the vote in those states. How many small evils does it take to make a big one? I had an insight regarding the experience of people with mental illness in relation to Trump’s election. We’ve been living with a target on our backs since 1982 when federal budget cuts for community mental health began. Homelessness is a direct result of the government’s failure to keep its promise of replacing the State Hospitals with community supports. The mentally ill know how it feels to live in terror of the poverty that is so often a consequence of our illness. We know how it feels to have our fellow citizens use their votes to deprive us of our rights even as the law is cynically written to sound as if the State’s goal to to protect our rights. We know what it’s like to be used as political scapegoats. When they came for the mentally ill no one spoke up. Let’s hope that we do now that they’ve come for Muslims and the right’s of women.

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  2. Dear Rob,

    Thank you for finding these blogs and for getting out the word. These posts are perfect for preaching reality. DT is the one who has the burden of proving that he will govern differently from the way he campaigned. Frankly I am not buying the act.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Wow! My husband keeps saying we will be okay, but I’m putting plans together in case we have to flee. He said we shouldn’t be worried as we aren’t in the groups that Trump is targeting. I say hell to the no on that one. Call me paranoid, but I’m not stupid. If Trump gets law enforcement behind him like Hitler did, we are all screwed. I’ll do anything I can to protect my family. Thanks for sharing Rob.

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    1. If I recall history correctly, anyone opposed to the Nazis was declared an enemy of the State and executed. Trump may not be a fascist in the mode of Hitler, but he’s still a fascist and there is already pressure for everyone to accept the party line.

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      1. I don’t count on this being a short term affair.

        If Putin is as involved as our government says he is then this is the takeover of our government by Russian operatives.

        This won’t go away without massive resistance.

        Even now Trump’s Cheats are busy promoting the lie that those of us who can see what this is and protest it are paid.

        It will take organized and persistent resistance to turn this around.

        It will also take a media that isn’t corrupt.

        This is a sickness that won’t go away on its own.

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