So You Want to Wear a Safety Pin

If you are thinking of wearing a safety pin, read this.

What a Witch


Great. This is a necessary behavior in the face of the election of the most overtly racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti- gender and sexual minority candidate in the history of the modern United States. You know the rhetoric of his campaign was wrong. It was the very worst thing about America and you want to do what you can to combat the result. Good. Do that.

But don’t do it without a plan. Because the very last thing a tense situation needs is someone full of good intentions but with no knowledge of de-escalation tactics or self-defense. Your intentions are not a tangible shield. If you don’t make a plan, you will get yourself or the person you are trying to defend very killed.

Let’s avoid that.

So make a plan.

Some of you can stop reading now. You have, or know how to make a plan and you don’t need…

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How to become an instant poet?

Poetry from michnavs


Writing is …creating LIFE in words….

life in words of anybody and anyone…like the tourist who’s busy taking beautiful photographs…unmindful of the fact that for every photo he takes, he possesses a thousand stories at stake…


I told you i got the “spark”…so i am back again- in barely a day…

Robin, a fellow blogger who has been generously sharing his (i am not sure if i am using the correct pronoun; maybe he is a she)…thoughts on almost every blog i wrote; has inspired me to work further on creative writing…this time let me share with you one important aspect that every writer should consider…Literature…


we may not reveal ourselves fully…we may not speak loudly what is in our hearts..we may not ask questions at times…we may not want to know the truth; but when we write we uncover our souls…we unleash our stories…we reveal ourselves…we come out naked…

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New York Mayor de Blasio urges all Americans to continue protesting Trump

A graffiti drawing of the California Bear
Time to get up!

Speaking one day after Trump’s “60 Minutes” sitdown, de Blasio said the President-elect’s comments on appointing anti-abortion Supreme Court justices and his selection of Stephen Bannon as chief strategist are concerning.

Of Bannon — the head of incendiary website Breitbart — de Blasio said, “An organization that’s been closely linked to white supremacists is going to have a representative in the White House.”

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