Life under TASS

Screenshot of the November 14 TASS coverage of Trump
Life under TASS — The Russian News Agency

Trump’s Cheats are out in force claiming a mandate as they prepare to impose an unwanted agenda on the People of the United States.

To see a timeline of our corporate media’s collusion with Trump’s paid shills
click here: The Right Wing War on Truth

The latest lie is that Trump’s choice is a repudiation of President Obama
and the Democrats; that we democrats need to be less hysterical.

I’m not hysterical; I’m in your fucking face.

I won’t silently watch an élite confederacy of pathological narcissists destroy the greatest democracy in human history.

To be clear, over two million people gave Hillary Clinton the popular vote and over four million have signed a petition requesting that the electoral college respect the will of the people.

“…once all votes have been counted, 63.4 million Americans will have voted for Mrs Clinton and 61.2 million for Mr Trump, giving the Democrat a ‘winning’ margin of 1.5 per cent. 

That total would be more than the votes received by any other presidential candidate in history except for Mr Obama in 2008 and 2012. ” UK Independent

“There are still more votes to be counted, but it looks almost certain that despite losing the presidency, Hillary Clinton will win the popular vote.

And likely by a million or more votes — a much larger margin than Al Gore enjoyed in 2000, when he too was denied by the Electoral College even though he had more votes.

Put more starkly: It appears Americans chose Clinton, but got Trump.

Trump’s popular vote loss likely won’t constrain his effective power as president, especially with unified GOP control of Congress — just as it didn’t seem to hem in George W. Bush.”  NBC News

If you expect me to think a popular win of over 2 Million votes repudiates  President Obama or the Democrats you’ve mistaken me for one of Trump’s dis-informed cult members.

Over 4 million people have signed a petition urging the Electoral College to make Hillary Clinton President.

We are not paid protestors as paid liar, Kellyann Conway, so smugly asserts.

We are American citizens and we have a duty to speak out.

This is not about politics.

This is about who we are as a people.

This is about who we are as Americans.

You can’t take away our votes and expect us to love you for it!

Expect millions like me to be in your face over the next four years.

We are the people of the United States of America.

We don’t take kindly to being fucked with.

Meme that says Trump's Election is Not Normal
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13 thoughts on “Life under TASS

  1. I would like to share a petition I wrote with you inspired by your piece about Trumps election, the Tea Party’s obstructionist tactics and the need to fight right now, low and dirty hands down brawl fight. I already feel the normalization and acceptance in mainstream reporting and it is chilling. Even during interviews with democrats including Obama’s response. My activity on facebook is limited and I know social media is key. Plus speaking of normalization, although many of my facebook “friends” were angry and disappointed following Trumps “election” they already seem complacent and I have not been able to generate much buzz. I can send for you to look at, and if you agree perhaps you can help to get it out to your readers and community. Thanks in advance for considering.

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    1. To be honest I don’t have alot of faith in Facebook as an organizing tool. Twitter is more immediate but social media alone is not enough sustain the effort that goes into organizing a resistance to the powers that brought down a centuries old democracy. The complacency you describe may also mask confusion and fear. We need everyone to use his greatest skill to promote the values that defined America until the rise of Donald Trump. We don’t have to be perfect, the idea of ideological purity is itself a form of disinformation. We don’t have to be post racist–but we do have to be past accepting racism as a social norm. We need intellectuals, writers, musicians, poets, artists, street activist, professionals, working class people and street activists. We need everyone who resents the astonishing emotional manipulation and deception that made Donald Trump President.

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      1. My thoughts are that if there was a democrat president elect facing fraud and rape charges, connected to hate groups, and with clear conflicts of interests financially with trump corporation and the office of presidency they would be trying to obstruct transfer to power.

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      2. If I’m right — then questioning the outcome of this election may be our last chance to save ourselves. If this election really was fairly won then an investigation will prove it. If it wasn’t, then we have a duty to change the outcome.

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