New York Mayor de Blasio urges all Americans to continue protesting Trump

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Speaking one day after Trump’s “60 Minutes” sitdown, de Blasio said the President-elect’s comments on appointing anti-abortion Supreme Court justices and his selection of Stephen Bannon as chief strategist are concerning.

Of Bannon — the head of incendiary website Breitbart — de Blasio said, “An organization that’s been closely linked to white supremacists is going to have a representative in the White House.”

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6 thoughts on “New York Mayor de Blasio urges all Americans to continue protesting Trump

    1. I do see your point.

      The problem is that without unrest there is no political change. It was unrest and direct confrontation that gave us woman’s suffrage, the Civil Rights Movement and same sex marriage. It was also unrest that gave us Trump. I don’t agree with mindless unrest.

      If we are to have unrest it should be strategic, have a goal and be organized.

      I don’t see how one resists the rise of global fascism without unrest.

      The GOP has decided that it will ‘win’ even if it has to destroy the checks and balances that are supposed to protect us against uninformed ideologues.

      The people have a right to say no.

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      1. Yes I agree. But protesting in the streets doesn’t get good results. We all need to attend our representatives’ meetings and gather together to pressure from within. Calls, letters, petitions I think work better. The Supreme Court is of utmost importance, to keep what is important. He’s not a king. He has to succumb to others at some point.

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      2. We need all of it. I can’t think of an important social movement that didn’t include public protests. I do agree that without calls, letters and petitions public protests are just street parties.

        But when combined with active participation in every facet of the political process public protests are an essential part of resistance and change.

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