Support Lindsey Graham! Lindsey Graham Calls for Investigation Into Russian Election Tampering

screen shot asking people to call 1 202-224 - 5972 to support Senator Lindsey Graham in his pursuit of an investigation into Russian Involvement in the US Elections
Call 1- 202-224 -5972 to support Senator Lindsey Graham in his pursuit of an investigation into Russian Involvement in the US Elections

Just as Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin’s friendship was really starting to bloom, some trouble back home may complicate Trump’s vision of a new era in U.S.-Russia relations. On Tuesday, Republican senator Lindsey Graham called on the Senate to open an investigation into Russia’s reported interference into the presidential election.

“Assuming for a moment that we do believe that the Russian government was controlling outside organizations that hacked into our election, they should be punished,” Graham said. “Putin should be punished.”

During the election, American intelligence officials repeatedly voiced concerns that Russia was using cyberattacks — hacking the DNC and leaking emails damaging to Hillary Clinton, for example — to influence the outcome of the election.

Graham is no friend of Donald Trump and has often opposed him publicly, though he has said that he would support him fully as commander-in-chief. The senator’s call represents an attack on Trump’s policy positions, especially because the investigation that Graham has described would not be limited to the election, but would also include what he calls “Russia’s misadventures throughout the world,” even in places like Syria.

New York Magazine

To support Senator Graham call  1 202-224 – 5972 . Choose option two to leave a voice mail on his inbox.


11 thoughts on “Support Lindsey Graham! Lindsey Graham Calls for Investigation Into Russian Election Tampering

  1. It will be interesting to see if Graham continues this crusade if Trump’s willing to give someone he’s supporting a presidential appointment… such as Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court.

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    1. Umm..good point. It will be up to the people to make any real accountability happen. I think that the reaction of Americans who didn’t vote for Trump is visceral. We instinctively know that this is wrong…We instinctively know that we have to vigorously use our first Amendment rights even as the system works to shut them down.


    1. Given that there are reports in the press that date back to 2014 about Russian attempts to use media and social media to spread destabilizing disinformation in the U.S. my best guess is that a combination of factors made the U.S. vulnerable. I think our press and the democratic party underestimated the power of social media when it came to spreading disinformation. The other is the proliferation of channels and algorithms designed to ‘cater’ to individual interests. This allowed peopole to shut out opposing views. Then of course there are large corporate news outlets like Fox that broadcast blatant lies. So how can you tell real media from fake media? Real media doesn’t have an obvious agenda. Real news places a report in context and real news does not carry inflammatory and demeaning headlines like this one: This list of topics is the quickest way to anger your liberal friends The New York Post Why would anyone want to anger their liberal friends?…Especially when the issues go so much deeper than ‘liberal and conservative. Or this headline in a disinformation outlet called the Federalist: Psychiatry Professor: ‘Transgenderism’ Is Mass Hysteria Similar To 1980s-Era Junk Science The ‘psychiatry professor’ is unnamed…At least I couldn’t find it. The article also ignores that Transgender people have always been with us. This is clearly more disinformation and it’s purpose is to confuse and demean anyone who opposes Trump and his right wing base. It also uses the latest LGBT scapegoat in use by the right wing. The best way to protect yourself is to assume that you are being lied to. Look for facts, google the names of so-alled ‘experts and look for multiple sources. If the only place you see a story is in weirdly titled and semi-obscure right wing propaganda outlets the story is probably outright bunk or has just enough fact to make it seem credible.


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