Some help please.

If you’ve ever been in a drunk tank in the States Candace Vianna needs your help!

Candace Vianna Writes

Okay Peeps,  I need your help.

My current work in progress has an alcoholic character who wakes up in San Diego’s drunk tank. Since this is something I’ve never experienced,  I’m hoping some of you  or someone you know has enjoyed police hospitality in the US due to intoxication and would be willing to anonymously share those experiences with me. I will not publish your responses.

Below are the kinds of the things I’d like to know. This is not a test so please answer as little or as much as you want in the manner that you’re most comfortable with.

Interview prompts:

Describe the circumstances leading to your arrest:

Has this happened more than once? If so how many/often times?

When, where  and what were you doing?

Were you charged?

How old were you?

What was your occupation at the time?


Race? (I understand this is a sensitive…

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