Screenshot of my parody of Trump's tweet in which he falsely takes credit for Ford's decision to stay in the U.S.

Fake News in the Age of Brazen Lies

Donald Trump tweets lies read round the World.

Trump's Tweet in which he claims he worked hard to Keep the Ford Plant in the States.
Lies heard round the world

Trump sent a tweet on November 17 with the big news that he had personally saved jobs in Kentucky.

Examine how Trump parses his words in that first tweet. Bill Ford called HIM.

Bill Ford advises him that he is keeping the plant in Kentucky.

Trump’s chat with Bill Ford may have gone like this:

Trump: So, ya movin’ the plant out of Lincoln,  Bill?

Bill Ford: What? No!…who said…?

Trump: 1 sec. I’m on twitter.

I decided to tweet Trump’s lie to see how it felt.

Screenshot of my parody of Trump's tweet in which he falsely takes credit for Ford's decision to stay in the U.S.
I feel so stupid for doing this!

The best lies are half-truths.

So,  what’s the whole truth?

We don’t expect our President elect to brazenly lie so our media took his word.

Ford had no plans to move the factory.

The story appears in the UK Telegraph on November 18:

Donald Trump says Ford not moving US plant to Mexico

US president-elect Donald Trump said on Thursday Ford Motor chairman Bill Ford had just told him the automaker had decided not to move production at a Kentucky plant to Mexico.

The Telegraph also posted that second tweet from Trump, a blatant lie:

“I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!” Trump said on Twitter.

The Telegraph corrects the story and clarifies:

Ford has repeatedly said it has no plans to close any US plants and likely could not do so under the terms of the current United Auto Workers contract that expires in 2019.

The real story is that the The UAW, kept the Ford plant in
Louisville, not Trump.

How many U.S. media outlets corrected the story?

November 18 CNN Money Trump takes credit for saving Ford jobs that weren’t going to Mexico

November 18, New York Times Ford Move, Cited as Victory by Trump, Has No Effect on U.S. Jobs

The Times clarifies:

The plant is not primarily a Lincoln plant — the MKC represents roughly 10 percent of its total output. The MKC is a more expensive version of the Ford Escape, which is a much bigger seller than the MKC. Production of the Escape alone is enough to keep the Louisville plant running at full capacity.

Moreover, the decision to keep the MKC in Louisville was made before the two men spoke on Thursday, not as a result of their conversation, according to Ford.

The only news that still carries the Ford story as a victory for Trump is fake news:

Fake News: November 17 The Gateway Pundit TRUMP EFFECT: Ford Calls Donald Trump – Says Plant Will Not Move to Mexico, Will Remain in Kentucky

Fake News  November 18, Fox News Ford chairman tells Trump Lincoln SUV production to remain at Kentucky plant.

In a statement, Ford said the company “confirmed with the President-elect” that it would continue producing Lincoln MKCs at the Louisville plant and added that it was “encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new Congress will pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of this vehicle here in the United States.”

Below are five fake news sites that regularly pop-up on Yahoo News and Bing as legitimate news media.

  1. WorldNet Daily, founded in May 1997, purportedly to expose wrongdoing, corruption, and abuse of power. Wikipedia
Screenshot of fake news site World Net Daily used to illustrate the patterns that arre typical of righht wing disinformation media
World Net daily dismisses student protests against Trump as ‘childish’ — Go through the archives and find the World Net Daily endorsements of armed insurrection as an adult reaction to a Clinton presidency. Please note that I’m not using false moral equivalency. There no moral equivalency between peaceful protest and armed vigilantes threatening to kill people if their side loses.


2. The Washington Times, founded in 1982 by News World Communications, an international media conglomerate associated with the Unification Church which also owns newspapers in South Korea, Japan, and South America, as well as the news agency United Press International. Wikipedia

Screenshot of November 19 headlines in disinformation media site, The Washington Times
The Washington Times defines diverse and White people and White people with tans.

3. The Weekly Standard, founded September 18, 1995 owned by MediaDC, a subsidiary of Clarity Media Group, itself a subsidiary of The Anschutz Corporation. Wikipedia


Screenshot from the Weekly Standard that reads defund Obamacare
The Weekly Standard gets its wish.

4. Breitbart News, founded in 2007 by conservative commentator and entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart. It also has a daily radio program on the Sirius XM Patriot channel called Breitbart News Daily. Wikipedia

Screenshots of The headlines on Brietbart News
The headlines on Brietbart News

5. The Federalist, founded in 2013, purportedly rejects the assumptions of the media establishment” and says it is dedicated to discussing “the philosophical underpinnings of the day’s debate” Wikipedia


Screenshot of the Federalist
Apparently, the ‘Philosophical underpinnings’ of our debate over Trump’s election is that GLBT people, Muslims, Latinos, Immigrants and African-Americans must seek out and ‘listen to’ the straight white people who voted to use the power of the government to terrorize them. us.

These disinformation  sites are  lesser versions of Fox News which is the best organized and best funded fake news site in the United States.

Expect them to do everything they can to subvert fact based coverage of the Trump administration.

Screenshot of the federalist accusing the New York Times of being disinformation
Expect right-wing disinformation media to do everything it can to subvert fact based coverage of the Trump administration.

It’s what they are paid to do.

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6 thoughts on “Fake News in the Age of Brazen Lies

  1. Rob, one of the other posts you’ve done was ‘These are the Times’# A brilliant assessment of our moment in history. Comments were for some reason closed on this one but I wonder whether you’ll be kind enough to note my response given that I voted for Brexit and am accused of being for the new far right. It was a well written post but factually assumed too much about people’s reasons for the vote as it was.

    I think there is a huge difference between the Brexit result and that of the election in the U.S.
    I too have over the years taken my stance….. I stand against racism, sexism and homophobia, and support human rights (within reason as I think we should have been able to get rid of Abu Hamza without resorting to the court of Human Rights), freedom of speech and international co-operation.
    I know Farage but have no idea who Katie Hopkins or the Greek gentleman are, their opinions are of no matter. Rightly or wrongly my vote was for Brexit because I dislike the UK being governed by Brussels. I hate the wastage of money, the continuing swapping of files and personnel between countries every month. I dislike the idea of a Superstate and the problems that have occurred using the one currency between the countries in the Eurozone and non Eurozone countries having to pay out to rescue them….no that I begrudge helping my neighbours.
    I do however like the trading partnership we signed up for originally.
    Non of the things that took my vote in the direction it went have anything to do with racism, sexism or homophobia that are all things that seem to have been just under the surface in the American elections.
    It’s hurtful that myself and other Brexiteers are continually cast in the mold of rabid right wingers when many of us have defended the same rights we’re accused of flouting. I even write a blog on human equality and freedom which disproves the accusation. There are times it seems like sour grapes which keeps these accusations flying about.Had the vote here gone the other way I don’t think we’d have seen street demonstrations against the vote like the U.S. is currently experiencing.

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    1. Dave…I’ll check that post and open comments. I don’t know why they’re closed unless it’s a re-blog. I’m glad that you wrote this clarification. My view of the Brexit vote is shaped largely by U.S. media and the bigger news outlets in the UK. I think it’s fair to say that U.S. media is currently distorted by its corporate bias. Most reports claimed that it was an irrational decision made by oldsters and apathetic millennials who failed to vote. This gives me more to think about. To be honest, I’m not convinced that all of Trump’s votes came from racist homophobes. So some people voted for him because they were led to believe that Hillary was going to be indicted. Some people voted for him because as much as they tried, they couldn’t bear the thought of a woman president. And some people voted for him because they are genuinely frustrated and angry at our political elite. I’m under no illusions though, Trump’s more rabid base in the heart of the Old Confederacy voted for him because they really are racist homophobes who have evolved to the point that they will make mascots out of the few self-loathing minority people who support their distorted sense of entitlement. I call these self-hating Blacks, women, and GLBTQ people honorary straight white men.

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  2. My friends from the U.K. usually start their emails to me with, “You would not believe what Fox “News” said today…” Sadly yes, yes, I would. I hear it repeated daily by people who only count on that as their source of information.

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    1. Now we have post election disinfo in which people who question or express concern over how far Russia got with its hack are dismissed as cranks. This comes 8 years after this same media covered birther bullshit as if it was a legitimate concern.

      Now we have supposedly ‘liberal media’ like Newsweek running articles from the right wing Hoover Institute on ‘Why Trump Won’

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