Thank You To The Cast Of Hamilton For Standing Up To VP-Elect Michael Pence

Thoughts on the cast of Hamilton from Gronda Morin

Gronda Morin

Anyone who believes that we are living in normal times, is denying the reality that the majority of Americans voted for the democrat Hillary Clinton to become Madam President. Yes, she will win the popular vote by about 2 million ballots. This is more than the total combined votes garnered by any of the four other former candidates who won the popular vote but lost the electoral college vote.

Do not be gas-lighted (The marketing of the right’s truth despite ample credible evidence proving otherwise.) by the conservative republican right’s mantra, that the republican President -elect has a mandate. THIS IS FACTUALLY NOT TRUE.

Related imageThe President-elect Trump is tweeting to his followers to boycott a popular play, “Hamilton” after events took a political turn at the end of its performance on the evening of   11/18/16.

Thank you, Mr. Trump, as tickets to this play which are sold out for months in advance are almost impossible to come by.

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5 thoughts on “Thank You To The Cast Of Hamilton For Standing Up To VP-Elect Michael Pence

  1. It depends on your definition of “normal times,” doesn’t it? If a person is used to living in ignorance and denial…it becomes reality….and normal.
    I never discuss politics but I think you are expecting (and hoping for) normalcy and rational thinking and behaviour…and I’m afraid that’s something we’re not going to see any time soon. 😦

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  2. People will keep speaking up. Something is happening here…the shift is palpable. It’s like whatever we have been preparing for our whole lives is about to happen….


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