The Pervert

The internet archives is bursting with funny video mashups.

The pervert is a video mashup that opens with a late 1950’s
film against the evils of pornography.

It illustrates the film’s pro-censorship stance from a hilariously
modern point of view.

“We know that once a person is perverted, it is impossible for that person to adjust to normal attitudes toward Sex.” Perversion for Profit

The Pervert
by Adam Rosenberg
Prelinger Archive Mashups

One thought on “The Pervert

  1. OMG. I could hardly watch this without cracking the fuck up! I never saw a video like this when I was in school…just the ones that warned the boys about VD, because the majority of them would be going to Vietnam.
    Robert, I was thinking about you last night. I was watching “Lie to Me,” one of my all time favorite TV shows and the episode was about DID. This girl had four identities and one of them was the “protector” who didn’t speak.
    Do you have a protector? Do you know if you do?

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