Why Racism Won This Election

Thoughts on the outcome of the 2016 Election from Harsh Reality

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HarsH ReaLiTy

Sadly where you live in the Unites States can depend on if you ever experience racism. Obviously what race you are also factors in. For many minorities, racism won this election. For many minorities this election simply showed us how much more work we have in this great country of ours. We all want to sleep with a dream of someone that had a dream. What we woke up to was the reality that it was just a dream… just a dream.

I have lived my life surrounded by racism. As an Asian growing up in the deep south, I had the privilege to experience racism from many different sides and angles. I learned quickly growing up that everyone can be racist. All groups can feel dominate in situations and can take their racial aggression out on people. And some of the most racist actions and words have been flung…

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