It’s all so Abstract

A collection of Digital Paintings:

Coorful abstract of ripples made from rain in a pond


Colorful digital painting of a young man based on an old poloroid
Bob at 21


Colorful digital abstract of melting clown faces
A Festival of Clowns


Colorful abstract of a face with a metal bar in the center


Colorful digital abstract
Sometimes I Vomit



Brian Eno – Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks
Deep Blue Day
Community Audio

Digital Paintings (c) Rob Goldstein 2016 – 2018

17 thoughts on “It’s all so Abstract

      1. Yes, what you say does make sense. The abstracts are made by a younger alternate and express the more primitive emotions of a child of three or four. I don’t know if you remember how you thought or interpreted events at that age.

        I once tossed a stone into the air. I lost sight of it at the same time a butterfly flew into my field of vision.

        That stone clearly became a butterfly.

        I also buried trash in our back yard because I thought everything that got buried went to heaven.

        I wanted to litter heaven.

        I saw streets of gold covered in cigarette butts and bits of old newspaper.


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