President Elect Trump: Millions of People Voted Illegally

Millions Voted Illegally

Millions Voted Illegally


Today Trump says that ‘millions’ of people voted illegally.

Now is a great time to treat him like a ‘normal’ President elect.

I assume that the President elect has facts based on intelligence briefings
and that he is speaking the truth.

‘Millions’ of illegal votes suggest a criminal conspiracy to undermine the election.

It means the result of every race from the president to the house to the governor’s races is suspect and that to ensure the will of the people a national audit is imperative.

Mr. Trump is the incoming President and normal presidents don’t spout bullshit.

I therefore assume that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 elections and as a concerned citizen, I demand a national audit of the vote.

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15 thoughts on “President Elect Trump: Millions of People Voted Illegally”

  1. I find it impossible to treat this person as a ‘normal’ president-elect. Nothing … absolutely NOTHING he has done or said has had any semblance of normalcy. Yes, I know you were speaking tongue-in-cheek … but to use his name and the word ‘normal’ in the same sentence is just … sigh. 🙂

  2. Rob, this is not a surprise, but is a bellweather of what we can expect the next four years. His ego and thin skin have too large an impact on the filter between his brain and mouth (or twitter fingers). We can expect inane, unproven accusations and statements. Our ambassadors will earn their keep apologizing for this man. Keith

    1. I’m very annoyed by the media’s refusal to use the word lied! Trump doesn’t bear false witness or wrongly state or any of the other ways we might parse deception. He is saying that no political leader in Washington has credibility as an elected official. Trump is the President of the United States. We don’t expect our presidents to spout bullshit. We have to believe what the President says. This begs the question of why this man wants to be President. Is he some sort of political hit man, sent to destroy our system of government?

      1. Rob, they are not using that word, but they finally are calling his statements on the carpet. Of course, he tells his followers only to believe him and not the media, which is a clear sign of dictatorial behavior, in my view. Keith

      2. A lie is a lie is a lie…Remember how he insisted that we use accurate language to describe ‘Islamic terrorism’. Trump is a liar. To call a brazen lie a ‘wrongly stated’ assertion is to imply that he made a mistake.

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