The Search for COMMON GROUND eps. iv THE MOTTO

The Search for COMMON GROUND episode 4. Can Red and Blue find common ground as Americans and as people.

The Neighborhood

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Common Ground does dictate a winner or a loser. There is no white flag and no one surrenders. It does not mean we have changed our philosophy or suddenly see it the other way. Common Ground is not selling out or giving in or not being true to yourself. It is simply a place that we all cherish or love or need. And out of respect for that place, rather it is a physical location or the imagination come to life, we come together to communicate, which diminishes divisions and chips away at hate, real and imagined.


by Coca Cola


The Search for COMMON GROUND
a social media and blog based Reality Show with a social consciousness
episode iv THE MOTTO

created & produced by Kendall F. Person

The Challenge

Thank you for coming to the show. The 6 remaining…

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