We Are Family

I dedicate this video to the men and women of the American Civil Rights Movements.

We are all religions, races and nationalities. We are gay, straight and transgender.

We are everywhere and we will never give up.

I chose “We are Family” by Sister Sledge because it’s a happy and hopeful song. πŸ™‚

I first made this video for Pride Month 2016.

We are always stronger together!

Now take a moment to get up and dance!

You’ll like it.

I promise.

#Resist #TheResistance

Image of an American Eagle with wings the color of the American Flag and the caption #TheResistance
The Resistance – Image found on Twitter


30 thoughts on “We Are Family

    1. I was glad to make the video.

      I’m so tired of the 24/7 conservatism that we get from our MSM.

      It’s all Trumpy and his racist gang of thugs all the time.

      This morning I read a report on yahoo regarding the ‘backlash’ against gay rights.

      Who cares?

      Screw the bigots and their need to control our bodies.

      If they don’t want to live in an open democracy they should move to Russia where homophobia is policy.

      There are good things happening in the U.S. despite the throwbacks who need scapegoats to distract us from from decades of failed economic policies!

      In many ways Gay Liberation achieved part its goal. Pride Day is a celebration of life and it is for everyone…

      Thanks for the comment; it is a happy song. Please share it.

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    1. Yes! The song still conveys the spirit of progress that gave birth to all of the major Civil Rights Movements of the 60’s and 70’s.

      The Right can demonize us, starve us, drive us from our homes, destroy our public school system and use their media to belittle our vision of a genuinely just World.

      But they can’t destroy our spirit. We will prevail.

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