The Disappearance of a Writer: Barbara Newhall Follett

This has the makings of an interesting and timely mystery.

Kristen Twardowski


Writers often lead strange lives, but sometimes that strangeness means they leave behind mysteries that the world is unable to solve. Barbara Newhall Follett was one such writer. Follett was born in New Hampshire in 1914, published her first novel at age 12 in 1927, and disappeared without a trace at age 25 in 1939.

Follett was a prodigy in every sense of the word. She began writing poetry at age four, and continued to play with words throughout her childhood. She published her first novel, House Without Windows, at age 12, and published her second book, The Voyage of the Norman D., at age 13. Both books were lauded by the press and received write ups in the New York Times.

Then the Great Depression shattered Follett’s world. While her family struggled to make ends meet, Follett went to New York where she worked as a secretary. During these…

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Breitbart News’ Smack Down By The WX Channel Regarding Climate Change

Excellent post. Bloggers doing the job of our media by pushing back against the peddling of lies as news.

BTW, the guy in the video is kind of annoying but he’s doing us a service so cut him some slack. 😉

Gronda Morin

The Qori Kalis Glacier in Peru, July 2004. (NASA)

This time, when Breitbart News published a wildly inaccurate article chalking climate change up as a hoax, The Weather Channel decided to teach the hyper-conservative news outlet (Trafficker of a lot of fake news) a thing or two about scientific fact. This is the perfect example of how a fake news story can influence U.S. policy making, if not checked.

The rest of this story can be located on the Weather Channel website, dated 12/6/16.

“In a post to its website, TWC called the Breitbart piece, which relied heavily on a story published in the Daily Mail, a prime example of cherry picking, or pulling a single item out of context to build a misleading case.”

“TWC’s scathing response features a video post in which atmospheric scientist Kait Parker  breaks down each of Breitbart’s claims, including that “global land temperatures have plummeted.” “Here’s the thing: Science doesn’t…

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The danger of forgetting our ‘Date of Infamy’

Thoughts on The Day of Infamy from Ned Hickson.

Ned's Blog

imageimageI was nine years old the last time our nation fired a shot while openly declaring war with another nation. And while we have certainly spent the majority of the last few decades fighting abroad and sacrificing the lives of our young men and women in places like Kuwait, Qatar, Baghdad and Syria, the horrific attacks of Sept. 11 are the closest that many of my generation have come to experiencing war first-hand.

As a child, I was only peripherally aware of the Vietnam War and even less so of the Korean War, which ended before I was born. Yet, as the last shot was being fired in Vietnam, I already knew what Pearl Harbor was.

I knew how, on Dec. 7, 1941, a quiet Sunday morning was transformed into a fiery nightmare by Japanese planes that claimed the lives of more than 2,400 servicemen.

I knew about the USS Arizona…

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