Wild Beasts – Mecca

Interesting band in the UK

hands in the garden

Wild Beasts are a strange but talented band from Kendal, a small  blue-collar town in the UK.   The band members emerged, writing songs that were over-the-top in their theatrical vocal delivery and slathered in lewdness.  As they matured, they still maintained their sensual/sexy edge but toned down their ostentatious leanings.  Mecca, which is featured on their Present Tense album, is one of my favourite WB songs as it possesses a romantic, dreamy shuffle and and excellent melding of guitar and synthesizer.  Other songs of theirs worth checking out if you enjoy this video are, “Wanderlust”, “Invisible”, “Bed of Nails”.  Wild Beasts are an acquired taste. 😉

“Where the body goes, the mind will follow soon after”

All we want is to feel that feeling again
Just a drop on the lips and we’re more than equipped
There is some thirst that’s gotta be quenched, yeah
All we want is…

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