The Bus Trip – In El Paso

The Bus Trip - In El Paso
The Bus Trip – In El Paso


12/17In El Paso

The dizzy queen that worked the front desk of the Hostel kept forgetting why I was there.

After a two-day bus ride with coked up drag queens and screaming toddlers, I was in no shape to do another man’s thinking.

“Right! You want a bed?”


“For how many nights?”

“As many as it takes.”


“Thank you for calling Epiphany Youth Hostel. Three nights? Fine. (click) Right! You want a bed?”


So it went until I gave him my credit card and stumbled into the dormitory.


I Woke up 12 hours later and took a walk despite the gathering rain clouds.

Downtown El Paso shimmered with Christmas.

Rock music from Mejia’s and Christmas Carols in Spanish from Kress.

I went crazy in the little shops.

Knockoff Nikes, $11.00. Sweat Pants, $5.00, Winter socks, a dollar a pair.

As I walked back to the hostel with bags full of treasure, I ran into the clerk.

“Shopping, I see.”

Perhaps I was overly enthusiastic: “El Paso is wonderful city!”

“Oh, yes! Isn’t it glamorous!” he boomed, as if speaking to someone behind me.

I pressed on: “I can’t believe I found Nikes for $11.00!”

“Oh my, yes!” he boomed again, “People come here for the shoes!”

I narrowed my eyes, “You’ve lived here too long, haven’t you?”

He shoved past me. “I’ll tell you all about it at the hostel.”

“Oh, by the way, I can’t find a Catholic Church.”

“Good.” he replied as the rain broke.






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