The Jewish Resistance Protests at Trump Hotel in DC as Conference of Presidents holds Hanukkah Dinner

I’m using a Trump supporters Twitter response to tonight’s protest
as a banner for this post because it illustrates what why we fight!

Yes, the tweet it’s ugly.

It’s an ugliness that wants to consume our globe.

Fortunately, there is a growing Resistance movement.

Join #TheResistance.



13 thoughts on “The Jewish Resistance Protests at Trump Hotel in DC as Conference of Presidents holds Hanukkah Dinner

    1. The problem is that we were attacked with a powerful weapon and as a result the wrong man is headed for the white house because we can’t believe that we were attacked and are now on the brink of destruction because of it. We’re not used to being the target of a psychological attack; and we’re not used to getting our asses handed to us. But if we don’t snap out of it our President will be a Russian operative surrounded by Russian Operatives and then life will get even scarier because we will have sacrificed our one chance to end this thing.

      We can take action to stop this thing:

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  1. Is this really real? How is crap like this allowed? Can’t that tweet or whatever it is be considered a threat? And who are these “Jews” who are taking global control? I guess I need to start watching the news but I can’t stand all the bullshit rhetoric and those ridiculous talking heads. UGH.

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    1. Everything is allowed which can be a problem. There are people who use the idea of free speech to stifle it. I don’t have a problem with what this guy said. I’ve lived with the word ‘kike’ since I was a child. I first heard it used to describe me when I was five. There are vicious people whose dearest thoughts are an affront to a civilized mind. I do have a problem with the fact that racists, Nazis and anti-Semites are attempting to take control of our government and they seem to have found
      a powerful and clever ally in Russia’s premier. I posted this to remind people that complacency will not buy peace. It’s Jews taking control and Blacks taking control and militant homosexuals imposing their faggot agenda and radical feminazis who dare to think their bodies and minds are their own.

      The enemy for wingnuts on the right is always a non-straight white male who dares to demand to be treated like a human being.


      1. You shouldn’t “have to live” with words like that. We shouldn’t become accustomed to labels. There’s so much hatred now.
        I can’t really speak to the “Russian” thing. I’ve heard bits and pieces but I’ve heard so many bits and pieces, I don’t know what’s true anymore.
        Now we have this hacking, vote altering thing going on.
        I have a general mistrust of everybody but at the same time, for some stupid reason, I still think most of us have a sense of honor.
        I’m a bit worried.

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      2. I think that most of us do have a sense of honor, even those who hold political opinions that are the opposite of mine. The United States was attacked with a sophisticated psychological weapon and we still don’t fully understand how that affected our electoral process.


    1. It all depends on so many variables. The situation changes within seconds even when it doesn’t look as if it has. Between your comment and my reply the FBI confirmed the CIA’s assessment. As I understand it, the FBI stays mum unless it has hard evidence. Will the people accept a Russian operative in the White House? The odds that Trump knew nothing about this are zero.

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      1. That scent is our Government. If you believe that the United States was moving in the right direction with universal access to education, a publicly funded retirement fund, the beginn9ng of Universal Health care with the ACA, and a system of justice in which the rights of our citizens are protected the law, that government is either dead or festering on the brink of it.


    1. I just found this in my spam folder. I’m glad I found it. I don’t know why companies need to improve on things that already work.

      Half of what now appears in my reader is no longer relevant to me. I compensate by visiting the blogs of people who visit and comment on my blog and
      by following the links on the blog.

      The recent changes to wordpress are very annoying.


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