The Wet Sheets

Warning: this piece contains strong language


Art by Rob Goldstein
The Wet Sheets

A sliver of glass

I leapt from my Father’s

eye reflecting

a Mother that

didn’t exist.

Cigarette butts rose

to Heaven and thundered

to form my torso.

Dust ran through the

umbilicus and collected

to form fingers and lips.

Here is my birth:

In the projects of


Daddy beat

off and I


on the ceiling.

Now bound in

cords of placenta

morphine seeps into

my veins.

I await my birth.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Self Portrait-Number 9


Rob Goldstein (c) 2016




10 thoughts on “The Wet Sheets

    1. Thanks Danica.

      I was once so violently dissociated that I was wrapped in sheets.

      It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

      I think it provided me with wet sheets made me feel contained which is an important thing to someone who has never experienced being held as a soothing experience.
      As the sheets warmed I regressed.

      I wrote the first draft of that poem shortly after I was released.

      It’s a shame that people no longer have access to Freudian based treatment facilities that favor direct
      interventions over medication.

      All treatment options must be available as a matter of course.

      Psychiatry is the only field of medicine in which almost a century
      of research and successful practice were completely discarded because
      HMO’s don’t want to cover mental health care.

      Prior to the wet sheets my life was constantly disrupted by a demanding and
      dangerously suicidal alternate. After the Wet sheets the switches to this
      alternate stopped and I gained more access to my intellect.

      That 45 minutes alone and regressed did more to heal me than a lifetime on psychotropics.

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      1. What an incredibly amazing experience! Thank you so much for sharing, Rob. I’m very happy that you were helped so much and that you were able to make great strides in healing.

        You’re an articulate and passionate advocate. The world needs more people like you. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. When I see the ‘nothing’ that we call psychiatry today and compare it with the dedicated work that people did with me in the 1980’s my heart aches for those people whose suffering may never end because today psychiatry does what’s cheap instead of what’s right.

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