Carpe Christmas Party!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Christmas, Office Christmas Party, The Nite Show, Danny Cashman, WABI TV 5, writing, humor, Modern PhilosopherTonight was the Christmas Party for The Nite Show, Modern Philosophers, and it could not have come at a better time.

I had a horrible day at work, we were short staffed, it was wicked busy, and I desperately needed to get the Hell out of there and remember that I am a writer.

The shindig was at The Next Generation Theater, which is where we taped The Nite Show before we moved into our new home at The Gracie.  Returning to that theater brought back some wonderful memories.

My first connection with the show was as a guest five years ago to promote The Retirement Party.  Right there at The Next Generation Theater.  The taping fell on Rachel’s birthday, and The Girl Who Moved Away was in the audience and more than a little tipsy.  I was so nervous in front of the lights, cameras, and…

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