Yahoo Mail Craziness or We Don’t Offer Real Tech Support because We Don’t Really Care

Screen shot of Yahoo error message
We don’t Really Offer Tech Support because we don’t really care.

Some folks may know that Yahoo somehow managed to lose the personal information of millions of customers. So, acting on the prompt to protect
myself I changed my password and implemented a two-step verification
process for accessing my email whereby Yahoo sends a code to my phone.

This strategy works beautifully with WordPress but it’s an incompetent
nightmare with Yahoo.

The code arrives and I use it but it’s unrecognized during authentication.

Three codes, three tries and now I’m locked out of my email.

Naturally I looked for a support solution but like Facebook and other large
social media companies there are no people available to intervene in the
madness caused by faulty software.

One would think that companies that make as much money as Yahoo and Facebook would pay a team of support people to help people with a
glitch like this– but no, that might eat into precious profits and give the
customer a sense of respect.

So if you’ve sent me an email to which I have not replied this is why: I’m locked out of my account for 12 hours with no recourse.

I apologize and will respond as soon as I can access my account…

And If that fails I’ll open a new email account with another company.


Rob Goldstein


7 thoughts on “Yahoo Mail Craziness or We Don’t Offer Real Tech Support because We Don’t Really Care

    1. I finally got into my account today and disabled the two step verification but I lost yesterday because I was shut out of my account by a glitch in Yahoo’s security system. . I can’t believe that tech companies as large as Facebook and Yahoo don’t have support numbers for the millions of people who pay for their services and use them as tools for earning their livings. Of course, Yahoo is owned by AT&T which seems to have adopted the old gag line from Lily Tomlin’s ‘Ernestine’ as it’s corporate slogan: We’re the phone company. We don’t care. We don’t have to.


  1. i feel your pain….i ccidently erased my email on google …lost a bunch of pics, a 2yr old YT account and my G+…when i get a phone i’ll again, well i’ll the phone verification thing….but i gave up on yahoo…i get tried of resetting my password because THEY fucked up….i’m getting old and forgetful and all these password changes gets me lost

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    1. For me the frustration is that the company is too cheap to provide live support for emergencies. Even web based chat would be more effective than their present assumption that their equipment is working and the customer is the source of the problem.

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  2. Oh yes…I have had a hell of a time with yafuckinghoo…locked out ..put the code in and still nothing….I could so go on but I see that you already know what I am talking about….
    So sorry to hear this …I know how frustrating this is and pisses you the fuck off..I know it did me…
    and no where is help to be found…at least I never could find it…grrrrrrrrrrr
    Hang in there my dear friend…
    Hugggs to you and your family

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