Homeless At Christmas

Some thoughts on Homelessness and Christmas


I  originally wrote  this in  December  2013  but it is  still relevant .

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I hope it won’t snow this Christmas it’s one of my biggest fears.

It was so bitter last year even thinking of it makes me shudder and shed a tear.

They won’t be eating Turkey with all the trim

Unless they find a charity shelter and they can get in.

The people at the shelters are angels from up above they give their time and plenty love.

They really are saviours they really do so much good.

They give warmth and comfort and Christmas dinner and even  Christmas pud.

OH! why are they out here I hear you say

There are lots of reasons, have you got all day? Dave got made redundant the bills he couldn’t pay So the bank stepped in and took his home away.

His wife could not stand the…

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2 thoughts on “Homeless At Christmas

  1. I contribute to shelter , crisis, ..a little where i can. I have to walk by two homeless sleeping in the tube tunnel.. oh it is terrible.. who knows their story .. who knows. Your post is great. So much money wasted on so many gifts …save that and give to another.

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  2. I contribute every Christmas to my nearest shelter to provide dinners for the homeless; I can’t give much as my own home is on the line and I’m behind on every bill but I give enough to feed 5-10 and twice a year I do it again. ~~dru~~

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