9 thoughts on “Could Republicans Undo Marriage Equality? Yes — And Here’s How | The Huffington Post

    1. Hang in there Bradley.

      Let’s remember that when we were young men Gays were arrested, hospitalized and imprisoned. We have also survived the most frightening epidemic in modern history.

      Donald Trump is a dumpy little narcissist who helped the enemy take us by surprise. The United States underestimated the power of the media when used as a weapon.

      Nixon won by his crooked landslide and was sent packing shortly thereafter and Republicans were just as craven in 1972 as they are now.

      What it took was investigative journalism and a Press that was willing to do the job of reporting real news.

      Trump is sicker than Nixon and less photogenic and smooth than Reagan.

      He is a narcissist who speaks in word-hash.

      I don’t know how long it will take but I see Trump as America’s walk of shame.

      This should shake us out of our stupid sense of exceptionalism.

      We will have to live with it while focusing on finding and reporting the truth.

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      1. Thanks Robert, I do try to keep those things in mind. I guess what I can’t wrap my mind around is that it’s one thing to not have a right and fight for it, but to have a right pulled out from you is another thing entirely.

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      2. We’ve lived through an unusual period of social stability.
        For most of human history 1 group or another awakened one-day to find themselves stripped of either the right to self-determination or the right to live. When people say that Trump is coming for the most vulnerable I feel forced to remind them that Reagan came for our ‘most’ vulnerable and we call them the homeless. Trump is coming for the people who thought they were safe.
        That’s not to sound callous but to illustrate the truism that when we accept the dehumanization of one group we ultimately dehumanize all of us.
        We want freedom but some of us want it only for themselves.
        For those people the illusion of racial or religious superiority and the freedom to demean and persecute others is more important than education, healthcare, housing, or the future of our species.

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    1. The U.S. has always been a mess…But this is a mess we’ve already cleaned up once; It’s a mess that everyone knows is stupid and wrong, including those who voted for it.

      What an insult to the 12,000 young men who gave their lives at Normandy.

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  1. Yet again plans made by the Republican party leave a distinctly bad taste in the mouth. They are not the party of the people are they, seeming not to mind that a majority may approve the marriage act. They are determined to have their vindictive way.
    Hugs Robert, Merry Christmas.

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