Two Roads, Finale

Gorgeous writing from Linda Bethea


Eddie seemed to rally for several years after his accident, but well into his forties, his excruciating headaches returned and he had some behavior changes, becoming increasingly violent.  Neeley and the children avoided him as much as possible in an effort not to agitate him.  He began sleeping a great deal of the time.  Neeley knew something was terribly wrong, but Eddie would not seek medical care.  She and the boys were able to get the crop in when he could no longer got out of bed.  Not long after his  forty-seventh birthday, he suffered a major seizure from which he never recovered.  Since he was unable to object, Neeley sent word for the doctor to visit.  He examined Eddie in great depth and diagnosed a brain tumor, based on his history and physical exam.  There was nothing to be done except keep him comfortable.  He lingered a couple of…

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