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creative-candle-design-ideas-6__605 by Sakhi Bansal

I was sitting in the dark today, my house was drowned in an eerie silence after a long time. The BSES Rajdhani Power Lmt. had to make some repairs in the wiring of my area, and so they had to make a four-hour-long load shedding, and like everyone in Delhi, I too have got an inverter which ironically was to repair this very evening, but the electricity decided to show its importance to me in the morning itself.

I was taken back to my childhood days when no light meant playing Hide & Seek, and it meant going out in the streets and find friends to play with, but now it means cursing the electricity board and waiting for it to be back, desperately. I checked my phone, only 10% battery remaining. My room has no windows and I did not…

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