THE END OF THE STORY an encore unbroken presentation

The Encore Performances from the Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood

The full production of ‘The End of the Story’ was broadcast as a Live event from  6 – 7:30 pm PST on Dec 30 via thepublicblogger Facebook Page. By midnight, the one night only affair was cleared from the stage and The Neighborhood was CLOSED, made official Nov 30 in Bringing Down the House.

This encore presentation is a summary of The Neighborhood’s 2016 Season-ending Show and a retelling of the final minutes of ‘The End of the Story’. – thepublicblogger


“In such beautiful simplicity, Jim Nickley’s The Story captures the heart & soul of The Neighborhood; its artists inclusive of its fans and followers of 100,000 or more.” – thepublicblogger

Jim Nickley’s THE STORY

an animated short by Guy White
music ‘Can’t git out’ by H-Y Loco


seeing above the cloudsThe End of the Story an encore presentation
of a LIVE vii act narrated production

Headlined by 7 artists, whose contribution in…

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