When do we call it Treason?

Image of an American Eagle with wings the color of the American Flag and the caption #TheResistance

I don’t know how else to explain this.

Why is our incoming President working to subvert the integrity of our
intelligence agencies on an crime as serious as a conspiracy to subvert
our nation’s election

Even if the CIA and the FBI are wrong the evidence merits a serious
response and a complete investigation.

They don’t have to be right before we act to protect ourselves!


38 thoughts on “When do we call it Treason?”

  1. I feel like we’re all just paralyzed watching a movie that’s not believable. It’s unbelievable that he takes the word of the Kremlin over our own intelligence agencies. I’ll be joining the woman’s march at the end of the month, but will it do any good? What more can we do? I’m just not sure and wish to hell I could just get out of here.

    1. Yes it will do good. That paralyses is the result of the intense disinformation campaign being waged to discredit the government. The only way to fight this thing is to understand the weapon and how it works.
      In this instance the weapon is our media. You disarm it by acting on what you know is true. Our government may be many things but but it is still a revolutionary experiment in self government. This is another battle for democracy.

      1. I know I’m not, Robert. Come January 20th, it will all become a reality. Up to this point I could only hope it was a bad joke.

  2. Anything he knows ‘That no-one else knows’ he was either told(so that’s a crock) or he created himself which in his case probably means invented. Watch America as a democracy start to crumble from now. In 4 years there will probably be new laws abolishing other parties and allowing the incumbent to remain there. He’s committing Treason with his appointments set to undermine each of the posts they’re in.

      1. As the hack is described by declassified intelligence briefings Putin sought to infiltrate every aspect of our political process. I assume GOP lawmakers have seen these reports which makes their muted response downright eerie. Every time I think of it I see Angela Lansbury:

      2. Downright scary you mean. It’s all about the money, and how much these asspipes are going to steal from us taxpayers. Kind of like Halliburton on steroids times infinity!

      3. But there is something else.Think of the propaganda coup of for Russia when the United States inaugurates a man that everyone knows is Putin’s puppet.

        On January 20 the most powerful man in the world will be Vladimir Putin.

      4. Damn, how can the Republicans be okay with this? Everyone else sees it. I’m learning Spanish and have my passport up to date. Central America may be my next destination.

      5. I just hope it all comes to light so we can get this dumb ass, and his cohorts out of D.C. I see his son in-law is going to be a senior adviser. How can that not be a conflict of interest? Talk about corruption.

      6. I’m starting to think that this is a coup. I can find no other explanation for the GOP’s loving embrace of a foreign intrusion on the most important aspect of our political system. ..It’s weird.

      7. I know, and the dumb ass is poking that North Korean hornet’s nest. I’ve actually been sick since the election. It started with a horrible cold, Bell’s palsy on Thanksgiving, and now bad allergies. I’m not a sickly type person either. My heart is sick, and sad for my country.

      8. I think that alot of us are confused because we sense we’re losing something that we’ve never really had to name.

        I’ve always critiqued my country for not living up to it’s principles while cherishing the fact that I lived in a nation that had principles that it’s people could work together to meet.

        The principle that people have the right to love each other and to make loving families regardless of sexual preference.

        The principle that people have a right to decent and affordable healthcare.

        The pragmatic principle and idealism of knowing that we will never have a perfect world but we can work together to make life better for ourselves and our children.

  3. Rob,
    The outgoing president is the one who should investigate or at least initiate the investigation as the hacking occurred during his tenure. And if it occurred this time, it probably occurred when he was reelected against Mitt Romney or even against – was it John MaCain – don’t you think ?
    The entire Russian intelligence part should be investigated and possibly even the role of Israel ?
    I mean, if one country interferes in the elections of another country, it is the heights – I think.

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