Meryl Streep’s Speech Tonight at the 74th Golden Globe Awards

Meryl Streep gave a powerful speech of #Resistance at tonight’s Golden Globe Awards.

Update 1/10/2017

Below is her entire speech:

30 thoughts on “Meryl Streep’s Speech Tonight at the 74th Golden Globe Awards

  1. Dear Rob,

    DT responded in a tweet that Meryl Steep’s acting ability is way overrated. WOW!! Most of her fans would beg to disagree. Many of us will go to see a film just because she is acting in it.

    I loved her portrayals of Margaret Thatcher, Julia Child and Carrie Fisher. And I am in awe of her voice and courage to stand up to DT.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    1. This kind of response is so typical of pathological narcissism that it sickens me. We have allowed a foreign power to impose a man who has a crippling mental illness on our nation. This illness affects his judgement and compromises out national security. We have many options for removing Trump.

      At this point, appeasing his gun toting brainwashed base should be off the table. Let them rage and threaten.

      Our nation is too important for a man this sick to become our President.

      I say this as a pers0n with a mental illness.

      Trumps florid pathology is the most obvious reason to disqualify him from taking office.

      The issue is not Meryl Streep’s ability as an actress. Even if she was the most mediocre member of the Van Patten family Streep’s comments concerned Trump’s deplorable lack of qualification to be President.

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  2. Her speech was marvelous and is one that should be heard by all in our country. We must guard against bullying and untruths, regardless of who espouses them. We must hold our leaders accountable. As I have said to others, I will support our new President as his success is tied to ours, but I will push back on issues or comments where he is being harmful.

    Just because he won, does not erase all of his traits that made him undesirable too many, even some who voted for him. His communications people say he is not getting respect. Well, respect must be earned and if he could stop being so thin-skinned, bullying, lying, and tweeting his every reaction before being briefed by his advisors, he might gain more respect. Right now, he is just continuing what he has done his entire career.

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      1. It was nice to see George Clooney and Barbra Streisand come to her defense. Of course, now they will be labeled as overrated and stupid by the Commander in Tweet. Once he is inaugurated, an appropriate response should be what Clooney said, “Shouldn’t you be running the country? Sad.”

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      2. I just updated the post with the complete speech. What she has to say about the Freedom of the Press and our media’s responsibility to the public important. I hope the entertainment industry understands that in a war of ideas their efforts are crucial to our side of the battle.


  3. She started her speech by apologizing for the fact that she lost her voice. She most surely did not. And we will all be better for voices like hers. I’m sad that the media is only highlighting one part of her speech…it is powerful in its entirety. Thanks, Robert.

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  4. The Washington Post ran an article about this, too, of course. They posted late enough to include tRump’s (by now) unsurprising Tweet reactions. I generally make it a rule to NEVER read the comments to such things, but for some reason I did for that article. It was as you’d expect, and confirmed my policy never to read comments. This election has exposed just how far divided our country is, the green curtain has been pulled back and we’ve seen what’s behind it, and it ain’t pretty.

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    1. We’ve been divided before and these divisions are not new. What’s new is the intrusion of a foreign power that used our media to give false credibility to a debate that we thought we had settled in the 18oo’s.

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  5. I caught the video after the show and was practically in tears. I’ve been saying all along that the one incident where he made fun of a disabled man should have been the end of his political career. Instead he’s moving into the White House (at least part time.) It’s sickening,

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      1. I don’t understand it either, Rob. One logical explanation I have is that they want to Trump inaugurated so they can dump his ass and let Pence run the show. I’m certain he is anyway.

        The other possibility is to keep Trump as a distraction so they can continue their dirty deeds in the background.

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