Little by Little

from Adventures of the Madcap Christian Scientist

Adventures of the Madcap Christian Scientist

“Old age” comes little by little, I think –
little surrenders of who we are
to the experts and authorities,
to convenience and comfort –
someone tells us we need to stay out
of the sun, to eat only certain foods,
to travel only at the right times
and to the right places,
and to wash our hands after every
handshake and human touch –
and we listen and obey.

And so we spend our days in “preventative”
exams – counting the pills into our trays –
hoping to increase the number of our days.
And little by little we relinquish
the small pleasures that make life
meaningful –  the joy of adventure,
noon-time lunch  with our faces turned
towards the sun,  whipped cream on
our cocoa, shaking hands  with new friends,
and listening to our own hearts to create lives
worth living.

And we lose our lives in a fear of death.
– Karen Molenaar Terrell

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Help to GoFund new Jaguar-Related Research

Please help Josh Gross fund his Master’s Research in Guyana — More about his GoFundMe Campaign on his blog.

The Jaguar

Jaguar Looking at Camera by Eric Kilby. CC BY-SA 2.0Jaguar Looking at Camera by Eric Kilby. CC BY-SA 2.0

Greetings everyone, this is a truly special post.

Two years ago, when I decided to leave my Counseling program at Cleveland State University, I had no idea where my journey would take me. Now I am planning to study people’s beliefs about jaguars in Guyana for my Master’s research. This is a remarkable development, but I need your help to make it happen.

My GoFundMe campaign is now live. For those who have not read my previous announcement, I am trying to fund as much of my field work as possible through donations from individuals like you. The reasons for this are both practical and idealistic.

First of all, I will have to leave for Guyana this summer: much earlier than I had realized. This leaves me with little time to apply for grants. Second, I want to…

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Excerpt from Resigning Teacher

This brought tears to my eyes.


From  via Digg

…These were my stated reasons for leaving. What I never said was that I was having a hard time maintaining my optimism around children, that instead of feeling hope when looking into their eager faces, I felt despair at how much we’ve failed them and how little of everything we were leaving for them—how little of the earth, how little joy, how little justice, how little of the things I was telling them every day the world was about. Maybe because I didn’t have any young children of my own, my body rejected a biological imperative to believe in the inevitability of their survival….

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Rachel Maddow: “Our new president will flat out lie to us.”

Rachel Maddow opens by encouraging everyone to read the January 6th
report from U.S intelligence agencies regarding Russian intrusion on the
U.S. elections.

What follows is fascinating because it looks as if Maddow is in shock
as she considers Trump’s response and comprehends that Trump will lie
even when he knows that we can read the truth.

It’s the kind of shock that anyone who has ever dealt with a pathological narcissist understands.

“Our new president will flat out lie to us.” Maddow added, “He put out a written statement about what he learned in the briefing. And he blatantly, and overtly, bluntly, simply lied about what is in this report. Right before this report got publicly released so we could check ourselves and see that he was lying.”  The Liberal Plug

The primitive nature of the narcissist’s dishonesty and his utter lack of conscience is incomprehensible to the civilized mind.

For Reference, here is a link to the declassified intelligence report. Click the

Screenshot of thr cover page of the CIA report on hacking.
Given what we know of the Russian Hack of the election we need to understand information as a weapon.